Monday, December 31, 2012

Another one down...

2012? Not good, but not bad. Nothing really significant to ensure that I remember 2012 because of a particular event. A lot to be proud of this year, but maybe a lot I'd rather forget. No sympathy though, I have brought it upon myself. I wear my heart on my sleeve. So as much as I try to keep things to myself, I'm always going to share that bit too much. Hence the blog I suppose. 

I'm ready for a wow year though.... 2013, things are going to happen and I'll look back and go 'ah yes, 2013, thats when 'blah blah blah' happened'.  And the 'blah, blah, blah?' - its going to be sooooo good. I'm a bit excited actually.  Oh, and as well as that I plan to continue to work, give our little shop lots of love and regularly drop by here and tell you what is going on. No resolutions, just grand plans. And they start now x

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Summer Reads

Sorry - kind of not in the festive mood this year so we have kind of cancelled Christmas here. So lets talk books and what I'm reading during the holidays.

Half way through 'Grace' and I'm really enjoying it. I must go back and watch "The September Issue" again now.

Hopefully waiting for me at home, having ordered it online before the break is Megan Morton's new book. I think great for a 'flick through' after work out the back with a wine while Chuck has his afternoon frolic outside. It will also serve as a fabulous piece of eye candy in the lounge room and has connections to two of the items of my 'to do' list of 2013 - a fabulous built in book case in my living space, and a trip to Sydney to do something at 'the school'.

Another book hopefully waiting for me when I get home is by THE queen of chick lit - Maggie Alderson. She always delivers. Can't wait.

Chris Cleave - I am yet to read 'Gold', but picked up "Incendiary" during one of my trips to the Philippines this year. Yikes, as disturbing and intense as "Little Bee", it was still a great read. I polished this one off while in Bali a couple of weeks ago.

Speaking of books, Have you checked out Miss Sarah's new venture yet? "Our Little Place" - a gorgeous selection of fashion, interiors and lifestyle books all available online.