Thursday, September 27, 2012

Setting yourself up for Spring/Summer

Loving these looks by Herringbone for their Spring Summer range. Herringbone is always classic and super stylish. Yes, not cheap - but the shirt dresses I have bought have always been an absolute staple in my work wardrobe and last forever.

They have a sale on at the moment - check it out here.

Um, just quietly - how is it October next week? Looking forward to the long weekend after a very busy week in the Philippines just gone. AFL grand final, a first birthday for mr solomon, lots of work on the new shop site (not sure it will ever end, can't remember it being this hard when i first started?!) , and lots of catch ups with my nearest and dearest. Daylight savings starts in a week. Bring. It. On. Summer can't be far away xox

PS - don't forget the little shop is still open and heaps of stuff is still available on sale - lots of new stock on sale now as well as we get closer to launching the new shop and freshen things up a bit. Dare I say it, you could start your Christmas shopping early! (although some may not consider this early - Christmas carols were already playing in the shopping malls and boutiques in Manila when I was there earlier this week?!)

Saturday, September 15, 2012


As in Before Pinterest. I'm working on my 'big computer' tonight (usually just on the laptop), and found all these images I saved ages ago, before you could pin them so you knew where you got them from, and kept them ordered on different boards. Life before Pinterest..... and we thought things were good then? pffft.

Found this pretty while looking through images on the 'big computer'. And as it is B.P. and I was lazy, I don't have the source. My apologies. But I love it. And you can get Marvis toothpaste at Brown Button Trading. Yes, the shop is still 'open for business' while we plan the new site. Speaking of which - I've opened a bottle of wine, I better settle down and get back to loading the new site. Oh yes, as a fellow small online business friend says - 'yes this online business is soooooo glamorous'.... Happy Saturday night friends xox

Monday, September 10, 2012

Check in with Chuck

I think I have done VERY well not to turn this blog into '' - because seriously. Look. At. Him. He kills me with his cuteness. Cuteness which gets him out of a multitude of sticky situations and serious punishment. What could such a delicious looking kitten get up to I hear you ask???

Well, there is his frequent 'tight rope' antics on the clothes airer (such a sophisticated piece of decorating  this airer has been by the fire throughout winter) - oh, and lets not forget the poor lamp in the background. I've tried to repair it multiple times with electrical tape, I've almost given up.

This is a familiar sight when I return home from work. Not exactly my taste in decorating. It seriously looks like Chuck Bass has had a wild party in my absence (i joke that he is on some sort of 'kitty crack' - maybe i'm not too far off?!)

Then there is his 'king of the castle' routine. Again - some fabulous decorating by me, a single mattress up against the fire place in the second bedroom/guest room/ junk room/ shop store room and study. Those pricked up ears almost even look like a crown.... How does he get up there I hear you ask???

Mountain climbing of course........ (don't you think this looks like something out of 'twlight' when Edward climbs the trees?)

Little monkey looking super cute in my bedroom. I love this photo because he still looks like a little kitten here. He is 5 months old now. Have you ever tried to make a bed with a kitten in attendance?..... So tempting to tuck him in under the fitted sheet...

I took this photo last night. I have had the quietest weekend in a long time and, well, it was fabulous. Lucky for me Chuck was there to 'supervise' my gardening (thats a fancy word i'm going to use for the weeding I did in the garden out the front of my house), washing loads and loads of washing, and cleaning the house (the fur muffin ain't that smart. I'll admit that. Chasing the mop as I washed the floor boards. He looked like a cartoon character as his paws lost grip under him as he scooted down the hallway after the mop- leaving tiny paw prints in his wake)

So it's Monday again and I've got home and he is waiting by the door. I have a feeling he spent most of the day with his new toy - the box the DVD player I bought Friday night came in. Like I said, not bright.... But then, it appears he likes 'Monday night, ABC night' as much as I do. Totally enthralled in Q & A here. 

Yep - i'm completely smitten, I'll wear my 'cat lady' badge with pride.  Sorry that with these photos of Chuck you also got a sneak peak in the lack of decorating the poor SFC has had recently. I feel like a uni student squatting in my own home. Lots of plans, they will just have to wait. Maybe I should have entered the Bass Burger in the Royal Adelaide Show this week, maybe we could have won the big bucks..... I'll get there. xox

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

sneak peak

Do you 'like' the little shop on Facebook? Or follow BrownButton on Instagram?

You should - I'm so bad at keeping things a secret.

The new shop website and blog are close....... very close....... x