Wednesday, August 29, 2012

De-clutter, de-stress.... and breathe....

What have I done? - a good thing I keep telling myself. 28 days without FB. Yep. NO FACEBOOK FOR A MONTH. Without realising it (actually that's not true, i knew it, i chose to ignore it), I'm addicted to regularly checking my phone for emails, texts, facebook and instagram. Time for some time out! One whole month -  It shouldn't be that hard. Life still carried on before Facebook. Heck - life even existed before the mobile phone! (don't worry kids, I won't go as far to suggest it existed before computers and the internet, not willing to admit that I remember that time...)

When I am in the Philippines for work I don't have international roaming on my mobile, and there is something quite relaxing about that. I'm hoping for the same kind of 'zen' while I am 'sans-facebook' -  because god knows right now I need some 'zen'...

I must post some gorgeous interiors photos soon on this little blog, its been a while hasn't it - sorry all!

Much Love xxxx

Friday, August 24, 2012


I hope you read the post heading in  a "Madonna song voice" - I'm back from the 'Whitsunday's" - four fabulous nights on Hamilton Island during Audi Race Week. This photo was taken on the first day...

As was this photo - during sunset. The next three days and nights were rather overcast. But we were on holidays and the six of us had a fabulous time.

How could you not when accompanied by Miss Emma (complete with fabulous trilby hat, nautical stripe top and compulsory crab necklace pictured here during our stop over in Brissie)

We even put our fancy pants on (should that be 'fancy dresses' on) at qualia for the paspaley pearl lunch. Asher Keddie was there (no signs of Dr Patrick Reid though, sorry ladies) -  Looking stunning and always the modest special guest. We should have plucked up the courage for a photo.... the tables looked amazing - Saskia Havekes was there and was responsible for the beautiful table centre pieces of beautiful paspaley pearls, orchids and ocean wood perfectly capturing the 'stranded at qualia' paspaley event. It was an absolute honour to be greeted by Ros Bracher and her daughter who were hosting the event.

And then there was some shameless celebrity spotting. Poor Paul Mac was on our 'shuttle bus' (if you have been to hamilton island you know that transport is either golf buggy( which i 'drove' thank you very much) or shuttle bus) back to the hotel on our first night. Mr Mac had just 'dj'ed' a set at Collette Dinnigan's 2013 resort collection show - thanks for playing along Paul Mac!

And now it is back to reality - so much to do... so little time. Big things happening at the day job.... HUGE things happening with the 'night job' (aka the online shop) - patience people... patience...... xxx

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can't keep up....

so much going on. sorry i've been absent here. off to the Whitsundays (Hamilton Island to be exact)  on saturday for some serious relaxation with some besties and enjoy Audi Race Week (as you do....). catch you when i'm back x

Monday, August 6, 2012

While we are talking shop.....

We have added some delicious new candy jars to our extensive candy jar range. Two of the new styles are a 'super sized' - a great contrast to the existing range. Grace Murphy has done a stunning job of photographing them (thank you darling!) - even including sweet treats! (sorry, not included in purchase) - If you are having an event and need some beautiful jars to create a buffet table - we offer discount for purchases of 10 jars or more, just email us xx

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I was supposed to be away "meeting a mate" in Maitland with some fabulous friends this weekend but things are ridiculously hectic and I had to cancel my plans. A weekend of catching up on the 'day job' and the 'fun job'  was a necessity - because the day job pays the bills and the fun job quickly becomes the un-fun job when things are left unattended.

So this is just a quick message to say "Happy Weekend" - have a fabulous one. The weather in Adelaide was gorgeous today, Mr Bass even got to trip the light fantastic outside. I freak out when I let him out (the breeder has insisted he is to remain an indoor cat, but he longs for outdoor adventures) - I follow him around like a hawke. How on earth do you parents cope with your actual real life human children when they start to grow up and spread their wings?! - Ok. Back to work... don't feel too sorry for me, I'm enjoying a bottle of Hentley Farm while I balance the books. (those who know me well know I do my best work over a few reds).... xox 

photo by me - of the fur muffin longing for the outside world at home today

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I'm Loving right now - in the latest Adore Magazine

My obsession for home ware magazine goes beyond the old school paper publication. There are some fabulous online magazines out now as well, and Adore is definitely one of them. Made even more fabulous because it is Australian. I was super chuffed when Loni emailed me a while back to ask me to contribute some of the things I'm loving for the up coming spring/summer season. The latest edition went live today and  you can find me at page 40. It's a gorgeous edition - enjoy!

many thanks to Grace Murphy for attempting the horrid task of getting a decent photo of me, and the awesome job she did of photographing the tassel garlands.