Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What a weekend...

So after my hair-brain idea, and my darling business partner saying 'yes' we started planning a 'pop up shop'.... and then the weekend came. I won't lie to you. We were nervous and excited. We knew our poster was cool. And the giant balloon with the super colourful tassels rocked. But the thought did cross our minds, 'what if no one comes?'. Worse case scenario - we both agreed, we would have to consume a couple dozen bottles of 'bird in hand sparkling' ourselves.... it could be worse, right?

We 'popped up' the shop in my kitchen/courtyard and we were lucky enough to have the incredible talents -  Little Bohemian and Squeak and Squirrel join us. 

It was intimate and cosy - and believe it or not.... people came! We were overwhelmed with the support. Thank you. New friends. Old friends. Online blog friends. It got to 2pm Saturday and I was thinking, this is awesome, but I wonder if there will be some quiet time to have some lunch??

 We had some awesome new stock as well as some 'pop up shop only' stock. Stay tuned to see these gorgeous cushions become available online as well as other goods we introduced at the pop up shop.

We had some extra special VIP guests. Gorgeous Bubbas had no chance of escaping my squishy cuddles and kisses. Finally meeting Mr Matthew was definitely a highlight. 

My very grown up god daughter Miss Ruby also popped by her with mum. Um, she is 5. FIVE. When did that happen?! - School next year. First ballet concert next week. She is 'rocking' her 'dancing queen' badge here just purchased  from Brown Button Trading.

I finally got to meet Millie of The  Laurel Hedge fame. Surreal I tell you. AND..... MOTH!!!!! I was trying to act cool and collected but I'm not sure how well I did. In true MOTH style he did ask if we had any 'fishing gear' available. Unfortunately it isn't a Brown Button Trading speciality... yet?!

Ok so the fur muffin may have been slightly put out by the weekends events. Still not comprehending the 'boundaries' I had put on his outdoor adventures it was safer just to keep Mr Bass in the front half of  the house complete with kitty litter, food bowls and 'crazy expensive for what is was tunnel' (as seen in the background of this pic) - Thoroughly impressed -  he spent most of the weekend on the ironing board.

Mind you, he didn't mind helping Saturday night when I was pricing up extra product and wrapping stock for Sunday.... The second pic says it all - such a 'clever' thing he is...


Come Sunday, Chuck had adjusted to the changes around the house and was allowed late afternoon to 'frolic' with the customers and friends in the courtyard. 

 Such a special thing to come out of the weekend? New friends made. Darling Miss Alice decorated her room with the 'button bags'  from the weekend- she is just so delicious Elizabeth, thank you for introducing me to your darling daughter xx

Sunday night? Shattered beyond belief. Chuck on the edge of the ironing board says it all. Although he just 'schmoozed' the clientele all weekend, no hard work done. Pffft.

Conclusion? Despite the hours spent preparing (lets just say, i can now sympathise with the elves in santa's workshop) - it was so worth it. Thank you to everyone who supports our little shop. We are so very blessed x

And the good news? there will definitely be a second 'pop up shop' in the future. Stay tuned.


Heidi said...

Wish I could have been there. I know one day there will be Brown Buttons all over. You will be the Anthro of Australia. Perhaps I will have the honor of managing, I mean working at one. Congratulations, one more mile stone that is so fun to watch unfold in your life. Love, Heidi

debbie said...

so pleased it was a success!!

Millie said...

Congratulations Miss K & Megs - it was an awesome idea, executed with such style! I love all my beautiful goodies & baby Gracie is going to look divine in her onesie from Elizabeth.

Sorry about MOTH's crass comment, I had to do some 'creative' talking to get him to call by after our long lunch. He started to get suspicious when he saw the pretty poster & giant balloon, & as we were walking down your little lane he said 'Hey Mills, this is the ritziest fishing tackle shop I've ever seen!'

Looking forward to seeing you at our Bloggie Christmas 'Do'.
M xx

KAR said...

Oh why did I not know about this? You must let me know about the next one, what a great idea - Kx (The Blog a House Built)

Squeak & Squirrel said...

Oh Chuck, what a card! He's one out of box, that's for sure. Such a great weekend, Kimberlee & Megs. Everything was perfect and the company was exquisite. Thanks for inviting me along xx

Sarah said...

Congrats lovely lady, success well deserved. You're hilarious "what if no-one comes?", of course they'd come but a valid thought (for a moment). Wish I could have been there .... Can you come do one in Perth :)

vicki archer said...

Sounds brilliant Kimberlee... loads of hard work I am sure but it does look and sound like lots of fun too... xv

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Ah that MOTH - he is a one and only that's for sure! So pleased it went well Kimberlee - oh ye of little faith!!

Anna Williams said...

How exciting to have your own pop up shop! I've been thinking about having a pop up shop locally and this is so inspiring. xx

Anna (My Design Ethos)