Saturday, September 15, 2012


As in Before Pinterest. I'm working on my 'big computer' tonight (usually just on the laptop), and found all these images I saved ages ago, before you could pin them so you knew where you got them from, and kept them ordered on different boards. Life before Pinterest..... and we thought things were good then? pffft.

Found this pretty while looking through images on the 'big computer'. And as it is B.P. and I was lazy, I don't have the source. My apologies. But I love it. And you can get Marvis toothpaste at Brown Button Trading. Yes, the shop is still 'open for business' while we plan the new site. Speaking of which - I've opened a bottle of wine, I better settle down and get back to loading the new site. Oh yes, as a fellow small online business friend says - 'yes this online business is soooooo glamorous'.... Happy Saturday night friends xox


odd and old said...

subtly glamorous image indeed
and yes anything that is fun
and helps organising
is a big hit with me x .... *****

Heidi said...

Here is the source:

Very nice eye candy. Happy Weekend! Love, Heidi

Sarah said...

Haha love this B.P, it's so true. It took me awhile to stop the need to save the images as I can just ... pin it now!!
I'm so excited for your new site, I need to email you as I have somethings to chat with you about.
ps your Saturday night sounds like perfection to me :) xx