Friday, December 23, 2011

Best wishes xox

I really can't believe it is Christmas time. Every year I promise myself I will seriously get in to the spirit and enjoy it - but each year seems to get busier and busier. Thank you so much for your support of this here little blog and the shop throughout the year, its been a big year both personally and for Brown Button Trading.
I'm looking forward to some time off between Christmas and New Year to try and get this new little house of mine in order. As I type the wardrobes are going in, and I finally get a bed today (sleeping on the swag on the floor squatter style had kind of lost its shine after three weeks....)
Wishing you and your families a special and safe time together celebrating Christmas, the end of a year and the start of a new one - I'll catch you in 2012 xox

image spotted over at Maurice and King

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All wrapped up

Well, are you gifts wrapped and ready to go? - I'm still purchasing the gifts... (i love leaving things to the last minute, that's how I roll...) - but I've had the paper and tags sorted for a while now! Bespoke Letterpress have a gorgeous range of gift tags and paper available. The paper is great - double sided so useful for non Christmas gifts too. I always get excited about wrapping (probably why i have that and not the gifts organised yet, oops) - Briar has organised some ridiculously cool wrapping for her gifts this year, and she made it herself - too clever and crafty that girl!
images from bespoke letterpress boutique

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Black out

I've got a fabulous hallway to work with in the SFC. I want some sort of 'console' table/space happening, and I'm sure I can get something like the above via ikea. I've got two bedroom doors ready for some high gloss black paint (to match the front door).... Maybe I can replicate one of my favourite home images per the above. Although mine will have to incorporate a little more colour. This beauty from Marnie Gilder is currently being framed at the 'frame factory' on Magill Road - they were fabulous. I'm having it framed to replicate how she has framed her other screen prints. If you are in SA, you must go visit. Perfect start to a little art collection for the hallway. Stay tuned....

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dining space done

Sorry for the top blurry pic - I've worked out what I want to do with the kitchen/dining space in the SFC, so the wallpaper is purchased and on its way (whoop!), and I've been on the hunt for a dining table. Jack Horner Interiors on the Parade has provided the answer. They have a fabulous range of tables made of recycled timbers - now I just have to decide between oak, elm or parquetry elm - all just awesome. And seating? Benches would be easy and inexpensive, but soooo not as comfortable and beautiful as the linen upholstered dining chairs they also had available (per above). Kill. Me. Now. They are stunning. I tried to convince myself that I really didn't need them. How? "Surely they won't be comfortable, I'll sit in one to see"......nope, more comfortable than I could have imagined..... Why oh why do chairs have to be so expensive, and you need so many of them?? Just have to decide what colour. - I've got my 'bromley' as well (its a tea towel yes, all the more fitting for the kitchen..) - so at least in my head? the kitchen/dining is done. Next up? Lounge room......

top image by me, other images by jack horner interiors

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I've got nothing.....

really struggling to post anything remotely interesting this week..... so until such time - here is a pretty pic to enjoy (via style me pretty pinterest board) - xx

Friday, December 9, 2011

Simply Stunning...... Fete Issue 1

Launched today. Fete Magazine, an absolute god send featuring simple yet stunning ideas by the ridiculously talented Jane Cameron and Annabelle Kerslake. My favourite bits, Eliza's birthday and Sibella Court's Christmas. Read it here. Definitely the beginning of something absolutely flipping brilliant, and out of Adelaide too. happy weekend x

Thursday, December 8, 2011

um.... yum

One of the biggest reasons I was excited about my new place is the space to entertain. I was quite happy at the 'shanty' - perfect size for moi. But it was difficult having friends and family around for meals as the space wasn't ideal, especially when you throw kids into the mix - no room for them to run around and play (clearly the children of my guests, not my own!) - I now have a fabulous kitchen space ready for a wonderful long bench table (still looking... any ideas anyone??) - and a great courtyard for outdoor entertaining. And what currently feels like a very long hallway for kids to run up and down (i have never done so much walking in my life, i'm not complaining but sheesh - i was so used to everything being 5 steps away from each other at the shanty!)
Can't wait to start cooking again (i haven't done so for six months, or ironed, or cleaned... spoilt I was in the Philippines) - and I've been stock piling some awesome recipes over on pinterest. There seems to be a repeated pattern of yum salads, kick arse sandwich combos and a lot of carbs! (mac and cheese balls - HELLO!) - now just to organise some furniture for people to utilise when they come over. I'm currently 'camping' at my new house (no, not 'glamping' i wish!) - it will all be worth it I know, but I certainly feel like a squatter in my own home with no furniture and essentials x

Saturday, December 3, 2011

End of my time in 'Vanilla'

Can't believe how quickly time flies. Only two more morning of waking up to this view for a while.... My time in Manila (or "Vanilla" as Ruby would say) ends Monday.
What will I miss? Of course - the lovely people and friends I have made, the ridiculous shopping and my excessive time spent at day spas..... but I'll miss the hilarious yet highly dangerous sights and sounds experienced every day on my way to work, seat belts anyone?
.... and the gorgeous Christmas lights on the way home from work everyday....
..... the ridiculously cheap cocktails (from 50c to $3 AUD) - kamikazes, mojitos and caprioskas amongst my favs (i'll be picking up the ingredients duty free on my way back to Oz to serve throughout the summer, I'm not ready to give them up just yet)...
.... the opportunity to 'island hop' over to a fabulous resort for a couple of days - Discovery Shores with Pip and Tom definitely a highlight....
the food.... ahhh the food. So almost like home but not. Like "Nacho Cheesier" (for the record, we didn't think they were any cheesier than Nacho Cheese back in Australia)
...and part of my standard local tour for friends that visited from Australia after a few cocktails out? A trip to maccas to sample the 'McDo' - Deep fried chicken, spaghetti bolognese and servings of rice are far more popular than the quarter pounder or McChicken.

I'm so excited about heading home, so much to do and things to look forward to. Salamat Manila, its been good, I'll be back soon. Mwah xxx

Catch you all when I'm back in Adelaide (gosh I hate flying.... fingers and toes crossed I make it back in one piece WITH my luggage, not like when i arrived. Hear me QANTAS?!?)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Totally Inspired....

Couple more sleeps and i'm back home. I've been trawling the net to find inspiration to help me decorate my new little SFC. Real Living has a fabulous archive of gallery photos via the ninemsn site. Love, love, loving this outdoor space - and what I love the most is there are many elements here that are the same as my new outdoor space/ kitchen dining area. So I'm so 'stealing' as much of this look as possible. The pergola is painted in "Domino" by Dulux, I haven't sussed out yet if it is a black or really dark grey - I want something similar to paint an exposed brick wall in the backyard that is currently purple (?!). Those red chairs? want want want! Not sure the budget is going stretch to exact copies of these, but I'm definitely going to go red chairs. They will be for the kitchen, that can easily be pulled outside for summer dining. I think this is going to work well with the caviar wallpaper. Now for a kitchen table..... Oh, and see more pics of this particular house here.