Sunday, October 30, 2011

If I was to "I do" tomorrow...

I'd do it carrying something like this down the aisle.... love it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'farm gate to your plate'...

One of my most favourite things about my home town of Adelaide is the fabulous little spots to eat and drink and pick up fresh produce - particularly in the Hills. Miss FN and I had a fabulous catch up on Sunday and we had to check out a friend of hers new venture - Farm Gate Providore. FABULOUS. Located in Hahndorf its a perfect example of what Adelaide is all about amongst the somewhat kitsch 'german township'. What a breath of fresh air. And it appeared to be an absolute hit with the tourists. Fresh produce and jams, french pastries and delish looking rustic rolls full of yummy salad etc. And the coffee? perfect. If you are an Adelaide local, get up there and enjoy - I can recommend the vanilla slice. Something tells me i'll be heading back to the Philippines in a couple of weeks quite a few kilos heavier... yikes! x

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Honey....... I'm home!!!

Hi - short but sweet. I'm home and its fab. Adelaide has put on some glorious weather and its been non stop since I've been back. I wanted to share a fab new spot I visited in Adelaide today with Miss French Navy. But its late, I have to be at work tomorrow and even though it is only 9pm Manila time, its almost midnight here and I still have hours of sleep to catch up on after the 2 hours I managed to get on my night flight home. I landed early Saturday morning with my darling parents picking me up along with Ruby and Harry and there super cool parents (they just did the yellow and white wall in the post a couple below), off for breakfast and then straight to the new house. I LOVED it..... phewwww! it's too exciting, so i had to share another pic. Settlement is tomorrow. Emma and I have already started decorating and scheming over a cheeky cider tonight. So many things happening, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope you have had a great weekend, chat soon! x

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wise Wisdom.

My time away from home has been amazing. Alot of time for me. Time to meet new people and enjoy their company as well. And I get on the plane tomorrow (actually now today - its past midnight. eeks - i hate planes!...) and return home for a couple of weeks. Then back to the Philippines for a couple of weeks then home in December. I like the idea that you can finish a part of your life and start new. Even if the bit you are finishing isn't bad or sad - it is still an exciting prospect to end and take a new approach. I'm finishing off with the old me, bringing with me the good stuff and starting again at the beginning. Better late than never I say. And what better day to to this than a Friday. Happy end of week. Happy Weekend. Catch you when I'm back in Oz! xx

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cocktail Hour

I've always had an obsession with the 'bar cart', and those who know me know I'm fond of the odd drink or three. During my time here in the Philippines I've certainly drunk more cocktails than I know what to do with - wine here is expensive and vile (well, my palate isn't a fan). Cocktails are fun and super cheap here (50c at some places..... seriously).
Given my frequent overseas travel for work, I've been stocking up on spirits duty free with the idea of setting up a good bar, and this has become more exciting now I have my new little place and some entertaining area. Bring on Summer!
However, whilst I've partaken in many cocktails - I have never really made any so wasn't sure what spirits I should be getting etc. Enter the fabulous Society Social. LOVING the concept and their furniture range. Roxy is an absolute power house, the work and effort that has gone into her range, the styling etc is mind blowing. Society Social Facebook link referred to this article by Martha Stewart on cocktail essentials. I now have my shopping list for duty free this Saturday morning (two more sleeps and I'm home for a couple of weeks!) when I land. Thanks Roxy for the heads up!!
Anyone got any good cocktail recipes? Don't like them sweet, but not too sour either...
Now all I need is a bar cart?!?!! - Roxy pretty please get your pretties shipping to Oz as soon as possible? mwah! xox
image via society social on pinterest

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sensational Stripes

How fabulous is this! Besides being full of photos of my favourite munchkins (my goddaughter ruby, her little brother harry and their parents), how much do we love their striped wall!! Hols and Darren put in a new kitchen a couple of months ago and have been pondering over what to do with this wall ever since. Holly and I would even have 'skype link ups' over a couple of glasses of wine while we cruised the internet simultaneously whilst being located in different parts of the world looking for the perfect wallpaper.
This pic appeared on facebook this afternoon and I squealed with delight - they have done the most amazing job, but vowed never to do it again, too much work! (I would not have the patience for it). I think we can all agree though that the work and time was definitely worth it.
Can't wait to see it person (not long now..... yay!)
PS - Holly is so excited by all your lovely comments, thank you! And her and Darren actually painted this, not wallpaper - crazy cats! She is going to let me know the name of the yellow to share with you all xx

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Singing along....

Do you go through phases as well? you have a 'theme song' - that you play it on repeat over and over again and you just can't get enough? - this is what 'shake it out' is for me at the moment. Florence + The Machine are so fabulous. Bring on the end of this month - the release of their new album 'Ceremonials' (yay) AND being back in Oz for three weeks (double yay times infinity !)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Livin' la vida Imelda

Sorry I've been AWOL - I've been soaking up some fabulous filipino culture with my friend Amy who has just begun her 9 week south east asian holiday and I was the first stop. Thanks Amy!
We came across the infamous Carlos Celdran's 'walk this way' tours - 'changing the way you look at Manila - one step at a time'. Saturday was the 'livin la vida imelda' tour - three hours of fabulous gossip, history and thought provoking views of the Philippines during the 70's, and Mrs Marcos herself. Wow.
Amy made it to his tour of 'Intramuros' on Sunday which covered time from pre-hispanic Philippines to current day. I'm hoping to get it to it this weekend.
I must admit, it has got me thinking about things differently. Oh, almost forgot - how fabulous are his flyers above? pity you can't buy them.....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday....

Ivy and Piper Magazine are celebrating their 1st birthday - congratulations girls! Its a beautiful issue full of fabulous interior and entertaining inspiration. I was lucky enough to be featured in their first issue - can't believe that was a year ago, time flies when you are having fun! I'll certainly be looking to the mag for inspiration as I decide on how to decorate my new home - the pic above is certainly got me thinking about what to do with the master bedroom....

Yummy Buttons

No surprise i'm partial to the odd button.... and these are particularly beautiful. Not only because of their colour and different designs, but because they are edible. Seriously! These are candy buttons - the ones shown above are infused with pure vanilla., but there are peppermint candy buttons, and even chocolate ones. Where? Etsy of course. Andie's Specialty Sweets. And she creates other fabulous edible delights including scrabble tiles, lady birds, leaves and mushrooms. I think I need me some of them buttons....