Wednesday, August 31, 2011

she has the best words.

'and i felt, for the first time in a very very very long forever, pleased. like, content. equal parts proud and excited and looking forward to...forward' - Karey M.

Contemplating the Fireworks

Still madly in love with this bathroom courtesy of Lonny a while back. Determined I would use the Albert Hadley when I renovated the bathroom in 'the shanty', this pic served as the perfect inspiration.
And then I found it in this gorgeous colour way and thought oh oh, lets not use it in the bathroom - maybe this would be perfect for the entrance into 'the shanty'......
But now I've gone and bought another house so I'm not going to waste this wallpaper on 'the shanty' (sorry, you've been relegated to a rental so quickly... and here I thought i was going to be so sentimental about that...) - I wonder if I can work the 'fireworks' into the cottage interior decorating somehow? Bit hard to work out when I haven't even been in it yet... Yes I'm currently in the process of buying a house I have only seen online..... cooling off period Thursday night midnight. Promise to share some pics then, i'm going to need your help decorating!!! x

Friday, August 26, 2011

*doing the friday dance*

Friday. Really? Hey, don't worry- I'm not complaining. But this week has flown. I struggle to remember what day of the week it is here. I was honestly lying in bed on Wednesday night trying to work out if it was Tuesday or Wednesday night. Seriously. I'm trying to work out why I lose track of time here. I think it is because I have no commitments, no regular tv shows to help me track the week days (sad i know, but true), and I don't watch the news. My bad. But it is definitely liberating. Its nice being void of reality apart from work. I will not feel guilty for admitting the only form of 'news' or 'current affiars' i've been watching is 'Entertainment Tonight'...... Work may be full on and rewarding while I'm here, but the rest of life is 'doing whatever, whenever'. And it is fabulous. And I've got four days of fabulous ahead. An extra long weekend in the Philippines, Monday and Tuesday are public holidays. Hmmmm, I could get used to this! x

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Splendid Spade

Damn it - they have done it again! How much fun is Kate Spade's Westward Campaign. Honestly? I'm trying very hard to rid myself of my Kate Spade obsession. I'm seriously peeved they refuse to ship internationally - it's. not. that. hard. But then they get together with photographer Koto Bolofo, find this dreamy oak tree (took them 25 site visits and 4 days to find apparently) and shoot this fabulous campaign and I cant help but love what they do, and how they do it, and I post the pics as soon as I can on my blog. Foiled..... again. x

rockin' rug

You likey? me lovey! anthro, this 'gloria rug' is glorious!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So, going against every 'conservative brown' bone in my body - I've just made an offer on a property. In Australia. That I haven't even seen (well, except via - and I'm already planning the 'house warming/welcome back to Australia' party....... stay tuned peeps If it is accepted, I have some super exciting decorating to do! xx

Monday, August 22, 2011

This is perfect.

This is perfect - floor to ceiling books. Floor to ceiling art.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kick ass shoe sale...

"Matilda" - now $74.50 (were $149.00) - i'll be having a pair of these pretties.
"Hugo" - now $74.00 (were $149.00) - to die for (only size 38 left... booo!)

This week has definitely been about all things fabulous happening online, hasn't it? - Coveting Oliver + Co stunning ballet flats for some time. So I was super excited to receive an email advising me they were currently on sale. Kate, these have 'you' written all over them. So I'll be ordering myself some, just need to work out my size tomorrow (need a ruler!). I urge you to go and buy up big, (but not if you are a 36 0r 37, i'll be needing them for me thank you very much!)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Holy flip - Society Social is finally here!!!!

Always admired the old bar cart (its a classic, and this girl likes a drink!) - so when I stumbled upon the beginnings of 'society social', I have been patiently waiting for the launch of this online store. I must say I lost my lady like patience when I devoured the magalog last week. BRING. IT. ON. Thankfully i didn't have to wait for long, tonight Society Social was launched. Based in the states this furniture range is to die for, of what i learnt opening an online store with stock I could easily source, I can only imagine the journey Roxy has creating furniture lines, setting up her site, let alone that fabulous, delicious magalog. A HUGE congrats to her - its all stunning. I'm going to continue stalking her site until shipping goes international......pleaseeee!

what i'm loving on line.....

Turquoise Jewellery Box
Whilst it feels like i've been o/s forever, its only been three weeks. I'm not saying that in a bad way - but it is hard to remember the routine other than that i'm living now. I'm yet to establish a social network here, and I must admit, that isn't necessarily bad - it has been nice to slow things down, like was getting a bit mental there before I left, and i'm proud to say - i'm quite comfortable in spending time with moi! - Weeknights include, more often than not - a little jaunt through the shopping 'belts' just around the corner (have to stop in and see if kate spade has anything new, say 'hi' to Zara and buy some cheap (but not pirated) dvd's.... And then I head back to the condo - glass of wine and new 'macbook pro' on lap - i'm in online heaven. Blogs, etsy, pinterest, online mags and stores - there has been some fabulous online Australian stores. A 'newish' online boutique beauty is Jessie Lauren. I've shortlisted by favourites above. A great mix of home wares, fashion and vintage finds. The best stuff always comes out of QLD I say! x

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the perfect gift....

Etsy rocks. Why? the perfect inexpensive gift can always be found. How much fun are these? A boyfriend in a bottle!!! - perfect size to take everywhere, and as the description states:
'Many candidates were interviewed, but only those with a 5 star rating and sweet temperament were approved as Boyfriends. As in life, the look of your Boyfriend is by random chance. If you have a particularly picky person to please, we can check our Boyfriend roster and see who is up for a wardrobe, body, or hair change'

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sophisticated Styling

Clean and white, I love Chelsea De Luca's home, as featured in Inside Out Mag July/August. Those dark floors, white walls, velvet chairs (not usually and fan but my goodness me, I'm in love with these) - so sophisticated. A great way to start the week I think - with sophistication! x

Saturday, August 13, 2011

a charmed weekend....

While I have the darling Megs steering the BBT mother ship in Australia while I'm AWOL o/s I'm busy plotting new and exciting things for the little shop. To make way for a gorgeous line of jewellery new to Australia, it's a perfect time to offer you some of my old time favourites at an awesome price! I still love the palas charm range, every piece is one of a kind. To be honest, I think I've bought about five pieces from the stock I have just for myself..... oops! To celebrate the weekend (i love weekends...) - enjoy all palas charm products at Brown Button Trading 50% offer - if that doesn't make for a charming weekend, I dont' know what will? xx

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

yes please

This bathroom ticks all the boxes for me - colour, mosaics, stunning basin stand (i know there is probably a correct name for it, but i never know those things...) , kick arse mirrors. If the bathroom in my 'shanty' back in Australia magically turned into this while I was away, i'd have no complaints!
via house beautiful

Monday, August 8, 2011

As far as eye can see....

How fortunate some of us are. My heart and head reeled over the Christchurch earthquakes, but lucky for me, I wasn't directly affected. So as new stories took over the headlines, I got to move on. But the effects of the earthquake are still very much part of every day life for those who live there. Enter "Multiply", a creative group of Adelaide woman who have not forgotten their 'sisters', and they are working towards helping rebuild their city, literally. Literally because Christchurch is Adelaide's sister city. Literally because they have been busy (182,784 stitches busy) creating an amazing piece of artwork to support "Gap Filler", an incredible organisation that is responsible for using vacant spaces created by the earthquake that are waiting redevelopment to provide communities with a place to catch up and enjoy by filling the space with art, games and performance stages etc (amazing, right!).

Multiply have made the most detailed crochet squares that have then be sewn together to create an a giant 'eye' artwork to be a part of the SALA Festival. What a stunning piece of artwork for an incredibly awesome initiative. If you are in Adelaide you can see the 'eye' yourself from August 12 in the window of Rodeo - 162-168 Gilbert Street, Adelaide.

Donations can be made from August 12 - keep an eye (he he) on their web page, join them on facebook, twitter - please share their story and what they are doing on your blog. xx

Friday, August 5, 2011


..... she was gorgeous wasn't she? I really still can't believe she died. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard. Do you? - I'm no die hard Princess Di fan, but I do remember thinking, 'this is how those Elvis Presley fans feel - the ones that refuse to believe he is actually dead, because you don't want to actually believe it. You want to think that it was all a big cover up, that she is living on some far away island in peace and quiet'.
have a peaceful and quiet weekend xx

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best Ever (and they were right!)

The Wedding Style Guide girls have been at it again. And best of all, it is available to all - and its free! The first of their series of 'best ever' online books features their favourite Australian weddings. One of my favourite weddings is one they featured way back in 2007 - and it is still stunning, and it made the best ever book! - from page 34. Thanks ladies - I love that this awesome talent comes out of Adelaide x

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Perfect Prep

Not one to normally need a legitimate excuse to purchase a mag..... being new to another country and not knowing many people yet, I've been eating out alone (cue the violins.....). To avoid staring vacantly into space while waiting for my meal, reading material is a must (i've even left my iPhone home in Oz, so no words with friends even!). So i've been indulging in some fashion mags. The latest US Glamour mag reminded me how much I love a bit of prep. Tommy Hilfiger has got it down to a fine art and the current advertising campaign is no exception. Its the Kennedy's crossed with the Royal Tenenbaums, and I love it. While searching for some more images from the campaign it was interesting to read the commentary. Many people said it was an unrealistic representation of what life is really like etc. EXACTLY! that is why I love it. A little bit of escapism never hurt anyone. But hey, if life was like any of the images above, I wouldn't complain either.... he he x