Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making a space your own

I'm a homebody - there is no denying. So the prospect of uprooting and living in another country for five months was a pretty daunting (yet exciting) prospect for me. My little 'shanty' back in adelaide is very much my space. My things. Don't get me wrong. The condo I am staying in while here in the Philippines is great. Perfect size, very comfortable, great view and very safe. And less than a two minute walk to greenbelt (think squillions of shops, restaurants and a cinema) - but I needed to 'kimberlee-fy' it! Limited in my luggage I snuck in my French Navy stationery, not only to allow me to send notes back to loved ones- but i'm a sucker for packaging and the FN box sitting on my desk here looks super cute, Miss FN also gave me the most divine 'grace' travel tocca candle as a goodbye gift, which was the first thing I retrieved from my luggage when it finally arrived a number of days after I arrived! SOOOOO, I may have justified a tiny purchase from hermes this evening to help 'make my new space my own'.... a gorgeous mosaique au 24 plate (it think it is the bread and butter plate but I think it will do a wonderful job of looking after my jewellery on my bedside table!) - Tell me, what do you like to take with you when you are away from home, to make the space your own?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

she is a genius....

Hanging out for the opening of Anna's online store. She told me when we first met in March that she was working on something really special - and that it is. Read about the online shopping experience she has created here. Goes live tomorrow. White and Wander, Anna's Absolutely Beautiful things - the online shopping world has been totally spoilt of late! Wish I was joining my girls as they head to Brissie to catch up with Anna this weekend. Have a wine or three for me please ladies! xx
image via Anna's blog

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Loving this as found on pinterest (i know, i'm not travelling too far for inspiration and post ideas at the moment...)
So I made it, but my luggage didn't. Thanks a bunch QANTAS... fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow x

Monday, July 25, 2011


Wise words Ms Morrison. I'm 'flying' today and i'm nervous, excited, sad and relieved all at the same time. Confusing hey! Ready for a fresh start, a new challenge and some serious 'me' time. Six months in a foreign country - the perfect opportunity to rid myself of the stuff that weighs me down. Looking forward to sharing lots of fabulous finds with you as I embark on the next chapter of my life! x

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank you, thank you x

Thanks to the lovely Liz Walsh for including me in her article "Web Masters" in the Sunday Mail today. The piece was on people who work full time and run online stores 'after hours' .
I'm packing the last of my belongings into my suitcase as I fly out at 7am tomorrow morning. A huge thanks to my darling friend Megs who is looking after Brown Button Trading while I am overseas for six months, don't know what I would do without her. x

Friday, July 22, 2011

the squirrel has landed.....

Going live?? It IS live. White and Wander has been well worth the wait. Congrats dearest Emmy and Lisa. It is definitely the start of something truly magical. x

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Over it.

O-V-A-H (as Kath & Kim would say) - packing that is. one more day at work. four more sleeps. this time next week.... looking forward to some quality 'me' time - lots more blogging (hmmm, is that good or bad?!). One thing is for sure, where i'm going, its going to be at least double the temp it is here -hooray! So much still to do, and to think, I almost bought another house this week (a single fronted cottage too Ms Millie!!!) - booo for being responsible and having a property inspection and finding out it has copious amounts of salt damp. I'll be back to normal 'transmission' soon. promise x

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wish i was packing....

I already knew the contents of my wardrobe were woeful. But the full extent was discovered this morning as I cleared out my wardrobe. I leave for o/s on Monday and I have leased my little 'shanty' out for six months. Four sorting piles - things to take, things to store at mum and dad's, items for the salvo's and items for the bin. Yikes, there was way too many items for the bin, and salvo's. I'm looking at the positive side of things though - I can now go out shopping for new clothes, and I'll be referring to my 'wish i was wearing' pinterest board. There is a very obvious theme evolving there. Navy and stripes. Lucky I'm moving to a shopping mecca. Stay tuned.... x

Friday, July 15, 2011

yes yes yes

Further to this post, I leave you with this as we head into another weekend (these weeks are going wayyyy too fast)....
Happy Days x
image sourced here

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

tick, tick, timeless style.

Constantly looking for bathroom inspiration, this went straight to the 'bathroom inspiration' pinterest board. I don't know about you, but whenever I'm looking at doing something new in the house I'm constantly thinking, will I still like it in 1 year, 5 years, or even just 6 months? - so much pressure!?!? This bathroom is still in its original form - the house was built in 1924. Ah-mazing. I love it. what incredible classic, timeless style. What I like even more? The home is Australian, located in Rose Bay, Sydney. Please check out the rest of the house at Come Over Sunday - it. is. fabulous.
image via come over sunday blog

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

speaking of cakes...

Pinterest really is awesome. I was so excited about having a place to store all my favourite pics, didn't stop to think how many fabulous ideas it may also provide me with. Now this I am sure I can do, and how amazing does it look? Raspberries and blueberries surrounded by slivered almonds - voila! a gorgeous cake decorated in flowers. Andie?.......

Lisa Hubbard photography as found on pinterest.

NB cant believe i had 'slithered' almonds - thanks anon!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pretty Pink Cake.

I saved this gorgeous cake picture to my pinterest board recently. I thought the gorgeous decoration was marshmallows cut in half and layered. Um, no. Its incredibly well designed icing. Apparently it is quite easy (only takes six minutes), I'm sure it is - I'm good with a piping bag - don't get me wrong, its just the awful job of trying to clean the piping bag etc when you finish that drives me bonkers. But it got me thinking, I wonder if you could create the same effect with marshmallows? Nope, haven't tried it myself, and probably won't - two weeks til I fly out and I can't even find time to add the boiling water to my two minute noodles.... But - if you think it is plausible (the marshmallow decoration idea) give it a go and let me know how it goes! Andie, surely you are all over this? xx

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Get your sale on...

Super stylish stuff available on sale across the entire range at Madeline Life + Style. My favs? Fleur Woods book and this wool felt scalloped cushion.
The classic and elegant White Shed have some gorgeous specials. I need the star place card holders (i think i'd use them for photos) and the pewter mantle clock, gorgeous.
Oh, and the little BBT sale is still on. I can't believe no one has snapped up the thermos! Perfect for this winter weather, but I want it just to pretty up the kitchen!
Happy weekend bellas x

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stop pausing and press play

Do you ever feel like you are waiting for your 'real life' to happen? And you think about the things you want in life and go, 'when I lose weight I'll do this', 'when I've saved up enough money I'll do that', 'when I get married....'.... you get my drift. I do it all the time. It's exhausting and self deprecating. Because life is passing me by and I'm really not enjoying it as much as I should. Maybe because thus far it isn't what I had planned/thought it would be like. But maybe, finally, I'm starting to realise that even though it may not be the path I had envisaged, what I am doing, where I am going and who I am sharing it with is pretty amazing. This is a difficult place to come to - especially when so many around you are travelling the path you had envisaged for yourself. Clearly this is supposed to be my journey, so its time to embrace it and enjoy, and who knows, when I start doing this, I'll appreciate myself more and what I have to offer. Time to act and be in the moment- because you never know what is just around the corner x
whoa, that was a bit deep for a thursday hey?! - image via pinterest from maluna tumblr

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quite frankly....

I've said it before - blogs and online mags are doing it for me these days... but there is still a print mag I get seriously excited about. Frankie. So witty, creative, fun, beautiful - my only criticism is that it is bi-monthly, I want it more often! The latest issue is totally delicious - and I haven't even properly read it yet! Best bits thus far? Page 52-57 "The tools of the trade - five creatives show us what it takes to make music, jewellery, boots, tattoos and art"(and that's just for the pics, like I said, haven't read the words yet), page 73 "tv's greatest flatmates" - from Alf to Blance Deveraux, hilarious! But the best bit? Page 101 to 103 "what I'll tell my kids - four writers pen advice to their {so far imaginary} offspring".... Here are Daniel Evans top ten:
  1. Always eat a meal with at least five colours.
  2. Nobody has the right to touch you in your swimsuit places (if you don't want them to)
  3. Know who Oscar Wilde is.
  4. Pretend you know what you're doing.
  5. Don't be lukewarm. - Be hot. Be Cold. Never be lukewarm. For anything. Or anyone.
  6. Download Wilson Phillips - Why? Because I've found that most of life's problems can be solved by listening to their song "Hold On" {anyone seen bridesmaids recently?!}
  7. Is this the worst thing you're going to do.
  8. Treat all people with kindness.
  9. There's nothing wrong with feeling lost.
  10. The love's on tap - Sure, you may disappoint me by tattooing your coccyx with what you will presume is a sacred mural involving hibiscus flowers and some marine mammal. And yes, there'll be the time I'll want to go Medea on yo'ass after you insist on telling me that "YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND DAD" before drunkenly collapsing over the hall stand and injuring the dog. But I'll forgive you. Every time. Nothing you could do would ever stop me loving you. Unless, of course, you don't like Wilson Phillips. In which case, sweet child, you are no offspring of mine.
And that is just a taste of how fab Frankie is. As much as I'll miss my Aussie mags while I'm in the Philippines for the next five months, I'm looking forward to consuming alot of American mags. But something tells me I might need to purchase a frankie subscription while I'm there, I'm not sure I can do without!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Koto Bolofo's photography? fabulous. I know, its all about the styling - but he clearly collaborates with some kick arse stylists. I had to stop myself from saving every pic from his website - I've managed to prepare a 'short list' above. He has just collaborated with Kate Spade (of course) - so can't wait to see the results. Happy Days x

Monday, July 4, 2011

Picture Perfect

Peggy Wolf Art - a new 'favourite' of mine on Etsy. Love the colours, and she has originals, prints and cards available- something for everyone.
thanks for the heads up Ali! - saw you had 'pinned' it over at pinterest xx

Friday, July 1, 2011


wait a minute..... its Friday again? - how did that happen?!
its been a very busy and stressful week professionally and personally - and with just over three weeks before I jet off overseas for five months, something tells me this is just the start of it all. My poor blog hasn't seen much love lately, but I've always been a very strong believer that 'if you don't have anything good to blog, don't blog at all' - Have a beautiful weekend, see you soon! x