Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooking up a kitchen...

White high gloss cupboards? - check.

Extra cupboard/storage space, pantry, space for a dishwasher,benches at normal height? - check.

Enough room to cleverly add an 'office nook' and built in office storage? - check.

A flashy new white mac pc on order to live in the 'office nook'? - check.

Clever use of space to allow for a high island bench complete with tolex stools? (budget permitting) - check.

Kick arse black and white tiles ordered to create my favourite kitchen flooring? - check.

Gorgeous high gloss white subway tiles for the splash back? - check.

Original French vintage poster to adorn the wall of my kitchen? - check.

Fabulous grass green pendant lighting to add some cool colour? - Missing in action.

HELP! - Ikea used to have some fab ones, but now all they do are boring brushed silver ones. Any idea where I can find something similar to the above? Thanks!! xx

image from here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

um, help?...

My little shop has been somewhat neglected lately. I love my new day job, but it takes up a few more hours than the old one did, so when I get home I kind of feel like doing not much but have a glass of wine and watch old episodes of Grey's Anatomy on DVD.... SOOO, can I ask for your help? I'm in desperate need for some inspiration for new stock for my virtual shelves and would love some suggestions as to what you would like to see available at Brown Button Trading. I'd love ideas for products available o/s that aren't readily available here - seen something on your holidays or are you outside Oz and know of something we are missing out on and just shouldn't live without?

Best idea? - $50 gift voucher for BBT. Taking suggestions til end of February - thank you!!! x

Monday, February 22, 2010

Loving it - etc etc....

From my favourite, Living Etc.... fabulous. Love the colour Globes, glass candlesticks, coloured coral, antlers and books - it is almost like an altar to my emmy!! My new kitchen is only weeks away (yay!), I'm planning an island bench, but maybe not that big unfortunately (in fact, my kitchen could probably fit on that island bench).... My kind of a sofa, a 'conversation sofa'... bought on ebay - get out! Just as good outside as it is inside.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

um, yum...

Button biscuits - too cute! Reminds me of the cake my mum made me last year. Not coping all that well with turning 30 and not wanting to have any sort of celebration, we had a 'family gathering' (rather than a 'party') and absolutely refusing a 'birthday cake' she made my favourite banana cake, in a ring tin, covered in chocolate icing, scattered with haighs chocolate buds and surrounded by a fabulous collection of brown buttons she asked family members to bring - I had a 'brown button' cake to celebrate the birth of my little shop, Brown Button Trading. Bit lucky I am. x

image from my 'daily fix' at the mo' - Chocolate Therapy

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair. Yeah, Yeah.......

Life and I aren't even on speaking terms about the first three, but the hair? We have recently reached a peace agreement, at least temporarily. I have hair issues, not straight, not curly, just bleuh...... And whilst a league of hairdressers have preached to me the benefits of not washing your hair too often over the years, I've never been fortunate enough to have such a luxury. Until now. My new love? Klorane dry hair shampoo. Woop! and a 'non hair washing day' means extra sleep on a work morning. Double Woop! Anything that allows a couple more minutes under the doona on a week day gets a massive tick in my book!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still getting 'my house in order'.... getting back some balance, some joy. And then hopefully something to post will follow! Til then..... xxx

image via chocolate therapy tumbler

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I usually make a daily trek to the post office with parcels to send to lovely customers of my shop. So it was a wonderful surprise that there was a parcel waiting for me at the post office when I got there today.

A beautiful book. From a beautiful bloggy friend - Shelley over at galerie montmartre. I visited their beautiful french vintage poster store when in Melbourne last year and bought back with me this pretty. I love Villemot. And this book now takes pride of place on my coffee table. Thank you for making my day, seriously xx

Monday, February 1, 2010

As close as I'll get....

I'm so not cool. For goodness sake, I'm an accountant! (that says it all really...) - So it follows that I've never been to the Big Day Out, and that fact has never really bothered me. But I must admit, I'm pretty devastated I didn't go last Friday. Why? because I actually knew most of the line up, who would have thought!? - From all who went, it was awesome. I've been looking for an excuse to put this fabulous LadyHawke poster on my blog. Well, LadyHawke played the BDO. That is a good enough excuse for me.