Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome Weekend!

All this learning of new stuff that comes with starting a new job has well and truly exhausted me. So here's cheers to the weekend - albeit a busy one. But hey, if I had nothing on, I'd be bitching about that as well- hopeless I am! How lovely is this photo of Madonna and her children? - thought it would be a nice way to end the week. See you Monday bellas xx image via tickled pink tumblr.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The best spring styling

September's issue of Australia's Country Style magazine is out, and yippee - it's a goodie!! As well as featuring a lot on my home state of South Australia, brilliant photos of Belinda Sepers home in the NSW Southern Highlands home and a fabulous preppy sporting fashion spread (almost enough to get me interested in taking up a sport, oh the new wardrobe opportunities!) - there is this fabulous spread of styling by none other than Lara Hutton. Photography by Sam McAdam. Oooooh and how good are the Megan Park cushions. Nothing says spring like flowers. Enjoy x

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Singin' in the rain... and the wind.... and the cold

Anna has posted about the unseasonal warm weather they are having in the North East of Australia at the moment, well it is a serious stormy situation here in the south (say that five times fast!) - Umbrellas are useless if you get caught in the gusty down pours we are experiencing at the moment. So you don't even want me to start on what is happening in the 'hair' department at the moment.... images via fffound and tickled pink tumblr site.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just because...

I've had this pic in my folder of - "save to use in a post when the opportunity arises" for a while now. But I've decided to post it just because - its so cute and colourful.

I had a wonderful weekend, how about you? - Cupcakes and champagne with the girls Friday night (except I completely forgot to make the cupcakes, lucky my new job is only five minutes from the central markets, phew!).

Saturday Ruby and I had a ball while 'mummy was at yoghurt' (that's 'yoga' in Ruby speak peoples....) and I caught up with more beautiful friends for yummy wine and food. Big sleep in this morning and then up to the Hills to have lunch with Lucy and Emma's family - very spoilt. Lucy is back in Oz for work at the moment and it was so lovely to spend Saturday and Sunday with her, just like old times.

Well, I'm about to start the second week of my new job and all is going well, I've clearly made the right decision, and that is incredibly exciting. Here's to a fabulous week! x

image by Sussie Bell

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anson Smart

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My favourites from Anson Smart's photography site. See more here. x

Monday, August 17, 2009

When it rains..... it pours....

The home of the most inspiring inspiration board. Rubie Green East Village cushions in the most exquisite yet chic bedroom. No words needed, just delicious! Warehouse kitchen perfection The lucky Michelle Adams was a guest here - um, I would become a permanent resident if I visited! (a word of warning Diane!!) Lovely living room. The perfect bathroom. First I spy new pics of Jenna's home at Living Etc - and today I received the Sept/Oct 09 issue of Vogue Living in the mail - and do my mandatory 'initial flick' through before I sit down and 'do a proper read' and find this exceptional spread on Diane Bergeron's converted warehouse Melbourne home. I used to drool over her inspiration board, you don't want to know my reaction when I saw this article on her home - squeal! Enjoy xx
images from Vogue Living Sept/Oct 09 Issue

Sunday, August 16, 2009

They have done it again....

If Living etc was a man, I'd want to marry it!! They have the best website, and after realising that despite thinking I totally knew what I wanted for my new kitchen, after being asked just a few questions by my kitchen dude - I have no idea! So off I go to Living Etc for some inspiration. Wellll talk about being suitably distracted by a gallery of images of the home of Ms J. Crew herself, Jenna Lyons.

Like me, I'm sure you fell in love with her home when Domino featured it a while back. Living etc has done it again - offering more angles and new images (as they did with pippa holt's home)- goody goody gum drops!! That couch..... Welcome... (how cute are the teeny tiny Beckett shoes lined up under the table!!) These chairs are darling - and the light from the bay window? I'd barely get three pages read of a book before I was asleep, mouth wide open and drooling.... An antler....anyone? You can never grow tired of pics of this dressing room, geesh. Still loving the simplicity of the bed linen and the bravery of the black walls. That infamous striped ceiling. The blossom, the stairs, to die for!

Enjoy Darlings!!!

Thank You

This is my wish for you:

comfort on difficult days,

smiles when sadness intrudes,

rainbows to follow the clouds,

laughter to kiss your lips,

sunsets to warm your heart,

hugs when spirits sag,

friendships to brighten your being,

beauty for your eyes to see,

faith so that you can believe,

confidence for when you doubt,

patience to accept the truth,

courage to know yourself,

love to complete your life.


From a card given to me by a friend and colleague at my previous place of employment. Thank you to everyone for your words, advice, wisdom and encouragement over the last couple of weeks, i'm a lucky girl! xx image from Rodney Smith

Friday, August 14, 2009

Superb Styling

Nothing like being reminded how much I miss Domino magazine.... Daily Imprint (blog by deputy editor of the fabulous Real Living, Natalie Walton) has just interviewed prop stylist Kim Ficaro who worked as a style editor for Domino. Read the interview here and enjoy more of Kim's work here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rested and Ready

Well Hellllooo there. Currently enjoying a week of work and let me just check.....hang on..... yep.... loving it!

I've just got home from Melbourne where I had a ball. Lots of relaxing, Sunday drive to Torquay, bit of shopping, and too much eating!

Today I spent a fabulous four hours with Shelley of Femme De Montmartre. Shelley and her partner Stephan own Galerie Montmartre, located just off of Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. What a delight it was to sort through all the original French vintage posters. As much as I love my bally girls, it was this perrier poster by Villemot that came home with me tonight (I took it on as hand luggage, wasn't trusting it in with my checked in luggage, I've had problems before.......) I can't wait to have her framed and up in my new kitchen (yes it is finally happening kids, I've even had the kitchen dude in for measurements)

Shelley and I then popped out for a fabulous girls lunch at Mario's (I never need eat again, it was fabulous) and some yummy vinos (a staple at a girls lunch!) - Shelley, thank you so much for your time and wisdom and sharing with me your brilliant style, the invitation to meet you and your beautiful family (you are lucky you still have your two boys, my bag was big enough to smuggle them home with me - just delicious they are!!) was the highlight of my trip.

My 'Perrier girl' will be a memento of a fabulous day spent with fabulous creative people, thank you Shelley, my 'first bloggy blind date' was so much fun! I hate to tell you, but you haven't seen the last of me! xxx

thanks jules:.....


“Well Hellllooo there. Currently enjoying a week of work and let me just check.....hang on..... yep.... loving it!”

This is one instance where the incorrect spelling of “off” gives the whole sentence an entirely new meaning.

Yours sincerely,

The Grammar Police

Friday, August 7, 2009

Done and done.

Well that's it. Done. And done. I've packed my bags. Literally. Twice. Today I finish a job I have been in for nine years. I was still at university when I started so to finish today is definitely a defining moment in my life. As you may have figured, I'm not one for change. But, I often picture 'where I want to be in life' and it's different to where I am now and I realise its not as easy as just 'waking up one day in that different life' - there is transition, there is change, there is jumping so far out of your comfort zone that you can't even see its boundary when you look back. So this is one of those moments, when I say "thanks for the memories" - the good and the bad, to take on board the lessons learnt -the easy and the hard way, and say - onwards and upwards. I'm ready, I'm strong, I want to take on the challenge and make the most of every opportunity that will come my way in a new role I have accepted elsewhere. BUT, before I do that I'm off to Melbourne (the second lot of 'packing bags' - see first sentence of my sermon for the little analogy I'm referring to...) for some serious "Kimberlee days" and to hang with some of my favourite people and oh, what the hell - do a spot of shopping!

Catch you next week beautifuls xx

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm blushing. Bride to Be - thank you!

I kind of ran down to the newsagent at lunchtime today after the lovely polka dot bride 'twittered' me to tell me products from Brown Button Trading were featured in the latest Bride-to-Be magazine, One of their lovely editors contacted me months back about featuring some product but I have tried to forget about it since then because I knew it would be ages before the mag came out and that I shouldn't get my hopes up that my product would 'make the cut'. But they did - yippee!!
Vandoros Ribbons.... (oh oh - and featured on same page as bamboo pouch soap with tag from bespoke press!!)

THANK YOU SO MUCH BRIDE TO BE - rocking my roundabout?, an understatement!! it has been a wonderful addition to an exhausting, emotional and hectic last week of work at my current employment. x