Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Arvo Shopping for my Favs....

It's Friday arvo for my Aussie friends, why not take advantage of the free postage offer currently available at Brown Button Trading? Offer ends midnight 31 May (that's Sunday night kids!) - The Zoe Bonbon jewellery range is finally here, along with painted stainless steel jugs.
Annnnndddd - keep your eyes peeled over weekend petals, new stock from Greengate and House Doctor will also be available, yippeee! xx
(don't forget - those who live outside Australia are still able to shop at BBT as well, just have to pay for postage)
PS - and as I'm hopeless at keeping secrets, I've got a few exciting announcements in relation to products that will be available at Brown Button Trading very soon. Think iconic British brand and luxurious European bathroom products. That's as much as I'm sharing, for now.

Fly Away Fantasy

I work with a woman who has beautiful (expensive) taste. I've often commented on a top or a cardigan to which she applies, "it's Chloe". Of course it is. Unfortunately I have 'beautiful' taste as well, but unfortunately not the funds to back it up! I also have a terrible habit when someone compliments me on an outfit that I have bought for an absolute bargain by saying "yeah, only cost me $20 from blah blah" or "got it on ebay for a steal" - information people don't really need to know! So when she once told me how much she liked the dress I was wearing and where I had got it from, I replied - 'Target, it was an absolute steal'. To which she said "Target? really? Do they sell clothes?!?!". Hilarious. So, until I win the lottery I think I'll have to live vicariously through her. She showed me this gorgeous magazine Hermes sent her. How much fun is the front and back cover? I'm not a huge fan of flying at the best of times so I'm not sure how safe I would feel in a plane made of bread, especially if you flew into a big flock of hungry seagulls! x

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Winter is definitely on its way. It's been so lovely to see, hear and smell the rain, I'd almost forgotten what it looked like! And the best bit? It's usually followed by parting clouds and rainbows. Bliss. I've never been good with what I had perceived as the 'fluffy stuff' - a little too practical for all of that (hey, I am an accountant after all!) - but I'm starting to learn to appreciate and be grateful for the littlest of things. I must say, I'm enjoying it! x
images from fffound

Perfect Pantry Pics

I've FINALLY found where I can get prints of my favourite Andy Warhol pics. I know many have his iconic Campbell Soup prints in their homes, but I'm quite partial to the above. have these prints for $10.72 each, cheap enough to get a few to add some 'pretty' to your kitchen. LOVE. There are plenty more to choose from but these four get my 'fav' vote for now. Oui? x

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

House Tour Time.

It has been a while since I've down a house tour so I headed to one of my favourites, Living etc, and they didn't disappoint.
Enter this beautiful Cape Town home....
Love the use of grey on these walls, the colour was used in the hallway, up the stairs and onto the landing - to make the area more spacious. I wouldn't have thought to use grey to make an area more spacious, but I agree, it adds depth maybe?
Beautiful bright bed linen.
The wishbone chairs? to die for. Fabulous wall of art.
Possibly the perfect kitchen. 
The cushions on the sofa are so much fun, and there are those beautiful wicker chairs and cushions again....
The mirror says it all.
Perfect place to have the girls over for gins on a Saturday afternoon in the summer!
See more images of this home here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Free Postage Offer!

Don't forget to take advantage of the free postage offer at Brown Button Trading for the month of May for Australian customers. Simply type in the discount code "blog" at the checkout. Easy Peasy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ruby in Red

Ruby Claire - the greatest god daughter ever! Can't believe how quickly she is growing up. Not quite able to get her mouth around "Kimberlee", it's "Mimmi" for the time being. But honestly, I don't mind if it sticks. And the most exciting bit? she is expecting a little brother or sister in December, congrats Holly and Darren xxxxx

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

profound fffound

Fffound isn't just good for pretty pics. I think I need to print  all of the above in A3 size and stick them up within view 24/7 at the moment. Never been good with change. But I've been desperately craving a serious holiday. And what is it they say? That 'change is as good as a holiday'...... x

Fresh Photos

Love how "clean and fresh" these images are. See more of Anne Naumann's work here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oops I did it again

As a single 30 year old woman contemplating being 'left on the shelf' (oh woe is me!) - I really shouldn't spend as much time torturing myself looking at wedding blogs, but I LOVE them. And there were squeals when I found Green Wedding Shoes. Especially her 'real wedding' posts. The images above come from one of her real wedding posts and, wow. The dress (that short dress), the relaxed atmosphere, just about the bride and groom, and their photos? - now THEY are wedding photos. Awesome, yummy, love it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Free Postage at BBT for Aussie Customers!

A little special for my Aussie blogger friends. Free postage on all purchases made at Brown Button Trading during the month of May. Simply enter the discount code "BLOG" at the checkout. Let your fellow local bloggy friends know!
My overseas friends - promise to provide a special offer for you at my store very soon xxx

For Pip x

Read anything good lately?

Book Club get together this week. We've just read The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.
I think it may be my turn next to 'pick the novel'.  I have no idea what to to pick. Any suggestions? Ta bellas! x

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I scream, You scream, We all scream for Icecream

A friend recently 'found' my blog and said she saw a common theme - my joy and relief whenever the end of the week was in sight - my "yay for Friday" blah blah blah posts. Guilty as charged. And this week is no different. Bring on the weekend, I'm done with this week! Hope you have a good one. xx
image from latest Inside Out Annual Decorating and Renovating Guide

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why hello hydrangea!

I love hydrangeas, I think because they always remind me of my gorgeous 89 year old Grandma. My grandparents had the most amazing garden and Grandma  still has some fabulous hydrangea bushes in her now 'down sized' garden.
The beautiful hues of colour provided by hydrangeas are used in this fabulous shoot. I wouldn't mind heading off on an adventure towing a vintage caravan stopping to 'smell the flowers'. Bliss x
Photography by Hugh Stewart

Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Colour

More than happy for Monday to be over. MEH. Let's escape and enjoy the crazy colour in these images from a catalogue from Danish brand "Rice". Those prawns dressed up for dinner are hilarious. (these text being underlined? don't even ask. hate blogger right now.)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Why so blue?

These bring a new meaning to 'being blue' - and I love it. Fabulous styling by Glen Proebstel, Photography by Sharyn Cairns in the current Inside Out Annual Decorating and Renovating Guide (divine, get it. pronto)