Friday, January 30, 2009

Still Hot in the City Tonight.....and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next......

Friday night G&T's, Saturday morning a massage and a trip to the markets, a friend's 30th Birthday BBQ celebration (postponed from 2pm til 5pm because of the foul hot scary weather....yes, I'm still going on about that) and Sunday, a day trip to the river. You? image by Annie Schlechter

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Burning up...... it IS a heatwave

Too hot to post. Too hot to do anything. Yesterday it was 42oC. Today? Temperature 43.9oC at 3pm today (that's 111.2 Fahrenheit my overseas friends!) Tomorrow? Forecast - 44oC. Friday - potentially 41oC. Saturday - 40oC. Sunday - 40oC. Monday - 39oC. Tuesday - 38oC. Wednesday - 38oC. You get the picture. Expressions of since sympathy, "poor you", ice blocks and a cool change can be sent to me, via brown button, or should I say sweltering button...... So hot the formatting is stuffed in the post. meh. photo via flickr

Teeny Tiny - delicious, gorgeous.

Danish Maileg is divine. Sorry about the small images but how delicious and gorgeous are their products? Apparently they are for babies and children but I must say, I'd be quite happy to have one of their cute little characters living in my little home, the only child residing being a 29 year old with 66 odd days til her 30th....... Planning for Easter already? Check out their Easter range. Don't worry if you don't, I'll be posting maileg at Easter again, such is my obsession...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Colour 101 - Be Inspired.

As I have said before, despite being a huge fan of colour, I don't use it enough. What better way to build confidence to use colour than to be inspired by others that you believe have done it successfully. These gorgeous images are courtesy of Home Beautiful December 2007 issue. The home is situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil Inspired by colour. Will you be using more colour this year?

Monday, January 26, 2009

BBD the Blog! - hip hip horray!

Remember this fab store last week? They have started a blog, which no doubt will be filled with fabulous-ness (not a word? it is now...) and inspiration to us all, make sure you check them out - Balhannah By Design Blog and welcome them to our little community of bloggies x

Thanks Shill x

Darling Shill sent some cute hair accessories to Ruby for her 1st birthday. I was hoping to take an array of shots of Miss Ruby (who walks!) wearing Shill's handiwork but unfortunately she wasn't that cooperative - I think I will have to try while she sleeps or something, so I have time to take the shot before she pulls it out.... These were the best I got. Thank you again beautiful shill. x

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie........ Oi, Oi, Oi!

Happy Australia Day x
image - Pippa Holt's home via Vogue Living Mar/April 2008

Friday, January 23, 2009

Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive. ~Josephine Hart

If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me. ~Author Unknown
You know when friends are going through something and all you want to do is make it all go away? And your heart aches and you get angry and ask why does this happen to anyone let alone such beautiful people? If anyone knows of any magic wands going cheap on eBay that makes things go back to the way before they all went to crap, please let me know so I can place a bid. It's a long weekend here in Australia, to celebrate Australia Day. I'm going to be celebrating some serious quiet time, a bit of retail therapy and catching up with friends - both 'virtually' and in the flesh. I'll be back at Brown Button Central on Tuesday. Thanks for coming by this week, I'll catch up with your capers during the week this weekend (that is, of course, if you've left a comment, how do I know you've stopped by if you don't say hi?) xxxx quotes from quote garden. (thanks for the heads up Chloe x0), and I have completely forgotten the source of the pic, despicable I know. Deal.

Parcel in the post.

Trina McNeilly you are the sweetest thing. The package arrived at work and I was in love when I saw the beautiful button ribbon around the box, I actually thought that was the gift - the buttoned ribbon so beautiful. I open the box, what's written on the inside of the lid. No. Really? Maybe she just put it in one of their boxes to send.. Or could it be? No. really? From Anthropologie? - Get. Out. Of. Town. I loved Trina's last minute gift ideas just before Christmas - Thank you for my own soap dish and matching soap from anthropologie. The darling boys at work thought it was seriously time to commit me when I was crying over a soap dish and soap. squeal (there was a bit of that as well, so not politically correct in an accounting firm - meh. ) xx

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BYO Mexican Hats. Tequilla optional.

It's been Mexican week at Brown Button headquarters this week. In the kitchen at least anyway. E and I have been enjoying tortilla wrapped everything but I drew the line at serving my morning porridge and berries encased in Mexican bread.... Megs was over for dinner tonight = Fajitas. Pip and Bella are coming tomorrow night = burritos. Friday night I'm thinking margaritas. I would have loved to have set the table fiesta style. Colourful and fun but really quite simple when you look at it. I have a little crush on those little metal cups (I know, I have such a way with the English language - I do numbers for a living, remember.) - do they have a technical design-y name? I need me some.
image from madison magazine

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Whilst doing a little research for a little project I am working on, I was lucky enough to stumble across the original typewriter key jewellery. How fun are they?? - To see the full range go here, and if you have any questions just shoot Danni (the exclusive Australian seller) an email, she will be more than happy to help.. Don't be fooled by cheap imitation versions - type key pieces are the original and authentic. There are dodgy scum out there reproducing cheap forms of these pieces of art, reproducing keys rather than using actual original keys from antique typewriters. I know, I know, some of you will say - why would you want to remove the keys from such an iconic 'thing' - but this way you can take it with you where ever you go! Something tells me trying to replicate the look using keys from a computer key board just wouldn't be as quaint.... Scrabble buff? - perfect gift. Boys are difficult to buy for at the best of times - these just might be the perfect gift for someone special. Me likey all of the pieces - you? xx PS - It seems every facet of my life has moved up a gear of late and consequently I haven't been around to visit you at your blogs yet this week, but I promise to do so on the weekend. We celebrate a public holiday on Monday in honour of "Australia day" so I plan to indulge in some blog reading. So bear with me and I'll be by soon. xx

Impressive Stack...

I promised this a couple of Friday's ago. I have/had at least this many magazines but have never had them stacked in a wardrobe room and had them looking this good.Madison Magazine ran a story in their living section on this home in North Bondi in February 2008. If only my humble place in Norwood looked this good. I don't normally post articles from magazines that are covered in text, but I couldn't let this one pass. I love the eclectic feel of this place, and the vignette with these boxes, to die for! If I'm going to make one resolution for this year, create more of the "X" factor at my place!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The perfect Sunday afternoon drive to the Hills

Balhannah By Design is an Adelaide Hills home wares institution, and the perfect destination for a Sunday afternoon drive in the hills. My friend B had never been, well she was in for a treat! They carry a beautiful array of items, the majority of which comes from France where the owner does the majority of her buying. Well, it saves us having to take the trip! My photos don't show them well, but I love these fabric balls, hand made with strips of fabric wrapped up like balls of wool - super cute. You see why I love this store? Great idea and very inexpensive - sheets of brown paper with fabulous famous quotes written with black texta on the walls. The "kids corner" of delight. I headed for the girl section - three friends had girls last week! (welcome Hannah Joy, Aaliyah Bailey and Susannah Jane xx) I was good. Kind of. Just bought some gorgeous glass balls to do a little 'copy cat' of Anna's fabulous Christmas decorations which I hope to pull off as a 'whole year round' decoration on a silver platter on the infamous coffee table. Just to decide what colour ribbon to tie them with...... B did well- door stop, book ends and the most stunning thick wicker wreath that was easily a metre or so wide in diameter - perfect for leaning up on their large mantle piece, decorating for Christmas or using as part of a centre piece lying down on a large outdoor table when entertaining. A fabulous weekend had by all! xx

Friday, January 16, 2009

Phheww, it's Friday.

Lessons learnt this week: Don't give a 'teaser' of what is coming the following week in Friday's post because it is guaranteed the week will get manic and you won't deliver and have to promise it in the follow week. Summer is certainly heating up, it reached 41oC or something crazy like that one day this week, and it reminds me of what I still think is the best way to cool down on a hot day. Get out in the back yard, put on the sprinklers and jump around. It's been a forgettable week - I'm looking forward to a very quiet weekend, see you next week lovelies. xx PS - I can't begin to thank you all for the suggestions re painting my coffee table - I wanted to get back to all of you individually but as my housemate would say 'it's been an epic week'. I always am so excited to get your comments, I really am a lucky girl. PPS - and Gina, you asked what 'bingo wings' are? Wikipedia provides a good definition. i'd post a photo of mine but I like to keep this blog pretty....
Photography by Amanda Moore

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad Mood?

"got your cranky pants on"? - well, if nothing will get you out of your bad mood, maybe "crabby sandals" are the better way to go. If you are going to be grumpy, at least do it with a bit of style.
the cute sandal of the week award goes to love moschino x

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Mrs Pigott's" Perfect Parlour

Australia's Country Style Magazine really out did itself with its January 2009 issue. As well as featuring Anna Spiro's stunning Stradbroke Island holiday house, it also includes the New South Wales Southern Highland's cottage owned by Nano Sefton - the owner of Pigott's Store. Anyone would think that the person who owned this home had a mecca of luscious fabrics and furniture at her fingertips...... Want to recreate this bedroom? All you need is a Valentino fabric valance and some dot-stitched linens. A coverlet from India and a sprigged paisley cotton covering the headboard and ottoman. Oh, and a Nina Campbell striped cashmere throw. Easy..... My lounge room needs an overstuffed armchair, and some potted orchids. The majority of her furniture has been bought at auctions and re upholstered. The floor covering is a favourite of mine. The mix of pattern and colour is a look I long to achieve. If I could have one thing from this home, that fabric covered ottoman, swoon! Nano mixes her own paints to achieve a desired look. She says that "nothing is ever clean or clear enough for my eye" The garden is particularly important to her, I love it. Reminds me a bit of spray farm. from Country Style Magazine January 2009 Photography by Amanda McLauchlan Styling by Megan Morton

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My coffee table needs a makeover. I think the only time I can afford and justify porters paints will be a sample tin which will suffice to paint the infamous 'macgyver table'. I want to inject more 'colour' into my home this year (i suppose you could call it a resolution) - I love it but I've realised I'm quite afraid to use it. I'm currently reading Shannon's book and it's providing me with the confidence I need to use it! So the question is...... what colour?? The photos of my coffee table gives you a bit idea of what I'm working with, although the room has been re-carpeted. I have Jane Price hot pink canvas on the wall, and my fabulous Rubie Green cushions. There is a fair bit of pink so I've decided a hue of pink is out - but anything else is up for grabs. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Head here to help me choose a colour! A squillion thanks xx

Motivating Merchandise

The best thing about going to the gym is the excuse to go shopping for gym outfits. I bought the t-shirt version of the above, my 'bingo wings' aren't quite ready for show in a singlet top. My gym trainer was quite impressed, because I've been known to give up, throw a tantrum, whinge, moan and plain just not turn up to the gym if I don't see results. 2009 is a new year though..... I don't plan to give up, ever..... Although there may be a few days where I just want to wear it inside out.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Bonds Singlet has never looked this good.

Collette Dinnigan (this is my favourite of the whole feature - I've been in a few shearing sheds, lets just say you don't often see people dressed like this hanging out there) Easton Pearson Akira Isogawa Alannah Hill My two favourites - Collette Dinnigan's and Easton Pearson's (above). Marie Claire Magazine has devoted its February 2009 issue to Australia. And I love it. They invited some our brilliant nation's top designers to take the humble bonds singlet and transform it into a tribute to their home. As you can see above - stunning. Not just the singlets but the photo shoot and styling as well. You can see more by going to the magazine's website. As well as the singlets I've featured above, you can also see singlets transformed by Sass & Bide, Josh Goot, Marnie Skillings and Morrissey. It gets better though. You can bid for one of the designer singlets on their website from January 21 to January 31. The auctioning of the one of a kind singlets will support Clean Up Australia. Nice work Marie Claire and to the 8 Aussie Designers x

Friday, January 9, 2009

The first weekend wishes of 2009

The weekend already? - no complaints here. Next week?
  • a chic alternative to wearing 'cranky pants'
  • home of the dame of fabulous fabric
  • the most stylish stacking of mags you've ever seen
  • loving Lara Hutton
  • and um, well, what else? hello - I'm not that organised!!!!...... You'll have to stop by and see.
Whether it is snowy or sunny where you are, how cool would it be to take cover under black and white awnings? xx image from Australian Country Style Magazine January 2008 photography by Prue Ruscoe styling by Lara Hutton

Quirky Summer Loving

My magazine diet went out the window during the holidays. I stalked the newsagent's for new issues...... Grazia's fashion spread in their January 5 issue had me inspired as I pondered whether or not I had the energy to continue the little Brown Button ride in the new year. When I saw this image, It screamed "I'm the perfect image for a happy new year post". So I'm back. This Willow bolero would seriously assist me in doing 'smart casual' to a cocktail party hosted here for a friend's 30th birthday this Saturday night. Buying the Willow Bolero however would also render me broke beyond belief and probably have the bank repossessing my home. So I'll get back to freaking out about what the hell I'm going to wear and fooling myself into believing I'm going to find the perfect dress tonight when I go shopping after work... LWD (little white dress) - perfect summer dress and potentially a fabulous option if you to chose to do a 'short one' on your wedding day. Hanging out. Carrots and lettuce (or is it cabbage - either way, equally blah.) - what should make up the majority of my diet if I plan to lose any bulge this new year!! Relaxing. Nice. That was last week, on holidays. This week - full steam ahead darlings! x images from Grazia Magazine photography by Simon Lekias styling by Mark Vassalo and Pip Edwards.