Friday, October 31, 2008

Yay for Friday!

Put on a cape and do good deeds super hero style this weekend! x

tosca image

Love Letters

A huge fan of beautiful writing and receiving letters - I'd be more than excited to open my letter box and find a letter addressed to moi in betsy dunlap's beautiful calligraphy (it would especially be a welcome relief during 'bill month'!!!) - The Eames stamp would just be the cherry on top!!
The Amelia The Elle
The Emily
The Jill
The Sofia Do you have a favourite? I can't decide.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm making my list, I'm checking it twice....

Time to tighten the purse strings (actually forced to - this month is what I refer to as 'bill month' - every effing conceivable bill one can recieve arrives in my letter box in 'bill month') and therefore there is no 'play money' (not that that has stopped me - just ordered myself a cute lil' cushion from black & spiro....oops!) SOOOO rather than buy stuff - I've started to add things to my 'christmas list'. This books starts the list (amazon says hard cover is not yet released but I was flicking through it at Angus and Robertson in Nth Adelaide yesterday so..... it is out...yeah?). Only about $40 I think it is perfect as one of my 'kris kringle' gifts we do with our extended family. It features a home that caught my eye over at Living Etc - the home of Art Director Harvey Bertram-Brown........
Loving the "love" cushions...... Remind me of the "number" cushions....
See more here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wanting to make it mine....

Readers of Home Beautiful - remember this delicious Melbourne home in the June edition of the magazine this year???? - I certainly hadn't forgotten it. Home of Bed Bath N Table buyer Kate, and her husband - I'm wondering if they are looking for a house mate.......... Stunning cabinetry in the living room - reminds me of my friend's family beach house at Robe filled with ginger jars, every issue ever of SA Life and the weekend we spent there watching all the series of SATC..... bliss! Oh and the cute little door knobs (hard to see here, but take my word for it (have i ever lied to you!?!) they are fabulous!) - I have a set to put on my hallway linen cupboard doors, just have to paint the doors first.... The bedroom. Beautiful loveseat covered with Sanderson fabric in Netherfield Stripe.
One of my favourite images.
Not having enough space for proper table and chairs they created a breakfast bar. Love the tiling..... and the framed poster? - fabulous.
White. Colour. Restful. Perfect sleeping space.
A glimpse down the hallway - needing myself one of those Eiffel towers (maybe Emma's parents won't miss theirs if I "borrow" it when I am next visiting them in beautiful Crafers....) - and the Florence Broadhurst canvas needs to be added to my Christmas list! - Love the coral as well (see first image of this post for better detail)
An old Country Road sofa remodelled and covered in neutral linen. Great for curling up and reading the next edition of Home Beautiful!!!

Wednesday. Meh.

Half way through the week and I'm more than ready for the weekend already. I'm going to make like this bunny and lay low today. Have a good one xx
Twig Hutchinson. Again.

White & Colour....

Classic White.........
.......... and glorious colour.
Thanks Twig Hutchinson - stylist extraordinaire.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The rules of red heads.

My fabulous and fiery redheaded friend (and new house mate) had me in stitches the other morning. She was going to catch up with a fellow red headed friend who happened to be a boy. On telling her mum she was catching up with him, mother suggested he would be a 'good catch' and daughter should pursue something more than a friendship with him. And I said "well?" - "Kimberlee! redheads can't go out with redheads!!". I'm like "Huh?" - Yeah, its just how it is. "the rule". Apparently. Now seriously, with redheads a dying breed I would think it would be more than favourable to have them breeding with one another. I can't imagine a world without little cuties like this one.......
Photo from Tosca Radigonda

Definitely NO editing required.....

It comes as NO surprise that the fabulous that is EDIT is the work of Sharyn Storrier Lyneham and Belinda Seper. Sharyn is the former editor of Vogue Entertaining and Travel and Vogue Living while Belinda is the wonder woman behind the retail mecca that is Belinda. Here are some images from their launch at Shapiro Gallery in February. A "book table", "Bumble bee" chairs and French magazine illustrations in bamboo style frames.
Mixed toile frocked chairs. Um hello, EVERY girl needs one of these!
Decoupage vintage map screens - divine!
How clever - 1960's silk screens framed in perspex.
Bloomin' beautiful! - Framed Bloomers.
Framed sheet music.
Loving the hand painted union jack chair....
Hand painted plates and vintage tea towel and linen cushions.
Upstairs of the gallery.
Go to their site to see more fabulous pictures of the exhibition - my favourite bit, how they provide detail of what is in each photo. Edit is added to my places to visit when next in Sydney. At this rate I'm going to need at least month in the capital city.....

Browse Tiffany while at Breakfast....or lunch....or dinner....or in the middle of the night!

The best Monday I've had in ages yesterday..... found out Tiffany & Co is now available online to shop in Australia. So for us little darlings in Adelaide with no Tiffy shop (the horror of it all), and those in remote areas - lets go shopping!!!
Oh, and if someone could leave their credit card details in a comment to fund my new little find online that would be great - thanks! x

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Weekend.....

Shopping for pink pretties at the markets.....
Gifts for newlyweds (because carrying this to the reception would have been too difficult, especially in heels).......
Celebrating special occasions with special friends....
Eating wedding favours for Sunday morning breakfast.....
Sunday afternoon drinks for Meg and carefully wrapped gifts to say "happy birthday"
You? x

Beautiful Girl.......

I Love music. One of my favourite things at a wedding (and there at lots of things!) - is hearing the song they walk down the aisle to. The wedding I attended on the weekend was no exception. Alice walked down the aisle to "Beautiful Girl" by INXS played on the piano. IN TEARS I was - just beautiful. Here is a dodgy you tube video that I hope gives you some indication of how beautiful it was...

Friday, October 24, 2008

On my bike.......

.... and off to another wedding this weekend (well, not literally on a bike. In Amelia's car to the ceremony then home, and then taxi to the reception........ok, I'll stop now, I'm babbling..... it's definitely Friday.) Let the weekend begin! xx
PS - A Huge thank you to Mariafer for my Blog award this week!! - Check out her blog over the weekend, she does fantastic work. I'll get my butt into gear next week to award to others
photo by Travis Hoehne via Polka Dot Bride

Oh. This one is good. Real good.....

Welcome my friends, to this tasty little treat that is the home of Mark and Sally Winstanley. It is no surprise that this place is so beautifully put together - Mark has spent over 20 years working for Laura Ashley. This chair is upholstered in fabric by 'their good friend', Kath Kidston. Figures. Potted geraniums indoor? Yes Please. Plan to get myself organised to get one in my living space. Great way of bringing the outside in (especially as I unfortunately don't have any outdoor space where I live.)
I Spy with my little eye, another potted geranium - joy! And there is a lot in this kitchen cabinetry and up shelving I'll be storing in the back of my mind when I redo mine.
Dining room heaven - loving the bench and the fabric used to upholster it.
Splashes of colour with muted tones - very peaceful.
Images from Insideout Magazine.