Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Does it matter if its black and white??

Ok - I think I'm going to do it. Re do my kitchen that is. And I really really want a black and white checkerboard floor. What do you think? I figure if Kate Spade has one, it must be ok. But my mother thought it a tad weird. Now I LOVE my mother, but her and I have VERY different tastes - so much so that whatever she suggests, I normally do the opposite. But just recently she saved me from making a grave mistake re my carpet. Help! Please? Image via flickr

Pucker up

The nineties - and matte lipstick was the bomb - remember? - I felt like I had 'arrived' when I bought my very own "poppy" lipstick - remember??? It was $20 and it seemed incredibly extravagant to spend on a 'lippie'- At 18, Poppy King, in search of the perfect matte lipstick began her own multi million dollar business. Certainly not smooth sailing, Ms King's business life has been a roller coaster. I came across a review of this book in last month's Vogue and can't wait to get a copy - apparently it is full of hints, tips and testimonial on finding your way as an entrepreneur and business woman. After Poppy Industries ceased she joined Prescriptives and she now runs her own company "Lipstick Queen". Have you read this? Thoughts?

Let them eat cake!

Confession time - I'm a sucker for pretty advertising. Sofitel Hotels new ad campaign is super prettttttyyy! - Blossom trees with yummy cakes and sweet treats hanging from it - um hello if every room at the sofitel comes with a 'dessert tree', I'm there!!! xx

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mesh clutch memories

I used to have the cutest little 'gold' mesh purse that contained my "Sunday school survival kit" when I was young - tissues, collection money and crown mints. You needed a survival kit to get through the watered down cordial and the purse doubled as a great place to store the confetti found on the church steps from a wedding held the day before that you would take home to use for 'craft'. Ok, before I get too carried away with memories of my childhood I want to share the cutest thing I have seen in a long time - Oroton's "lucky mesh mag". Measuring 5.5cm (w) x 6cm (h) x 2cm (d) , this necklace is a fantastic take on my old mesh purse (mine wasn't oroton though....) I love the detail on this miniature beauty. The necklace is available in gun metal and antique gold. This bottom photo makes them look quite big but the dimensions supplied suggest otherwise. I'm not sure I'd "wear" it, but I "want" it. Would look gorgeous sitting on my dresser. What do you think?

Community Service Announcement

Kidlets - now don't say I don't ever do anything for you! Need some help spending more money? Oroton is on sale at the moment. This gorgeous mesh ring? Was $95, now $45. Yay!
Matching bangle is also available but alas, not on sale. poo.

Can't get enough

Still waiting eagerly (but not very patiently) for the latest Domino to land in my letter box but until then, thankfully for me a number of my favourite blogs have posted some images of the home of the domestic godess herself - Rita Konig. Her apartment features in the lastest edition of domino. If you know what is good for you, you visit these blogs regularly and would have seen their posts, but if not - DO IT! I seriously want this place for my very own. oh happy day Absolutely Beautiful Things A Cup of Jo image from Domino

Sunday, September 28, 2008

She's Coming.....

We've talked about it for months (OK, like four months cos we've only been blogging that long), we've had a few false starts, and we always go "oh, when I 'guest blog' for you this is what I'm going to do, rah rah rah. THIS WEEK I TELL YOU. I'm heading over to White and Wander and Em is going to be her hilarious self here at Brown Button. Don't be fooled by her impeccable taste and lady like style over there, true colours will be revealed here later in the week. Can't wait Emmy!!! (BTW - we haven't actually conversed over the fact it is going to happen this week but now I've posted on it, its like law, it has to happen - yay!!) Stay tuned darlings, she's coming....
Thanks to Pippy-do for the image - a little gift to Emma on her birthday....

Friday, September 26, 2008

No rest for the wicked....

Hen's show last weekend, kitchen tea this weekend - I'm a busy little bridesmaid!
Happy weekend to all xx
oh and go the cats & thehawks!!! (i'll be going for whoever is winning.....)

Maturing Tastes

I have never thought of myself as a fussy eater. Until I start listing the foods I don't like. But if I think back to when I was younger, the list has certainly gotten shorter over the years. And I don't think this principle applies only to food for me. It's the same with interiors, art and music. For example, when I turned 21 I had two parties. A "cool party" for all my friends, and then a "family party" for, well, the family (durrr) - Mum warned me that I would receive crystal EVERYTHING. I didn't quite believe her. Until the 'family party' was in full swing and I was opening my eighth box of crystal glasses..... I was devastated at my collection of 'hideous' stuff and my younger sister, having learnt from my devastation, was a little more specific about gifts for her birthday. However, 10 years later I find myself every time I am back at mum and dad's house reclaiming my 'crystal' as I love the stuff now!! Ok, now the point of this rambling? ahh yessssss, aboriginal art. I've never been a huge fan but I must admit my mind is changing. I LOVE the work of Minnie Pwerle and the rugs by the rug company are to die for. This house helped foster my appreciation for aboriginal art as well. Featured in Vogue Living a couple of years ago - Linda Gregoriou's Elizabeth Bay home in Sydney is something really special. Linda is a property developer, investment banker, geographer and academic (among other things) and she calls this stunning place home. Linda has an unbelievable collection of aboriginal art that she rehangs twice a year. Her house provides a blank canvas to show case all this incredible work.
I'm currently clearing out my spare room (aka junk room) as a good friend of mine is about to move in with me for a while. The piles of magazines and pages ripped from magazines long gone have made up the bulk of the 'junk' in the room and searching through them all, I came across this home. I was lucky enough to find these photos on flicker - so I hope you enjoy! x

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bally's Back. Back Again.

Remember these? Well, I've just found these over here, and wow! - I've never seen these ones before and I would like every. single. one. of. them. (of course I do, they cost a fortune - my inbuilt sensor/hormone that says - you will love all things expensive and out of your price range is in overdrive) - How fabulous are they, and so effing clever. For more vintage posters check out Galerie Montemarte - I could spend hours on this site, I love a vintage poster. I'm currently on the look out for a San Pellagrino poster - any ideas? Short of walking out with the one hanging on the wall at Bocelli's down the road from my work, I'm not quite sure how to get my hands on one.
I've just selected my favs, there are more!

Udderly Delightful....

These squishy little special ones came to my attention while at Little Bird last weekend. A Queensland mother of two prodcues these fabulous toys for her label, "Udder". My favourite bit is the little red cord applique hearts they all have, so cute!!
"Goats in Undies"
No two are the same! - She has an etsy shop and you can of course get one from Little Bird. Other stockists are listed here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now THIS is cool....

Ok - it is supremo late and I'm in bed with the laptop on (usually a recipe for minimal sleep), cruising through flickr and look at what the eff I found......
Um hello - Now I LOVE my cushions, don't get me wrong, but a WHOLE CHAIR, covered in megan fabric from Rubie Green? now THAT would be the bomb (sorry about the excessive use of capital letters, deal.) - This is just as delicious as this was. Never satisfied am I, get the cushions and I want chairs.....aarrrgh!

Honey!!!, I'm home.....

I'd be VERY much at home in this gorgeous place...... I love the practicality of the blackboard near the entrance, and the photos displayed on bulldog clips - how fabulous. Black and white anything gets me every time. The display of helmets and sunglasses, genius. Can't say I have an abundance of helmets to display but sunglasses, yes. Surely Ikea could provide shelving similar....
I'd be having breakfast, lunch and dinner in this sumptuous bed.
Nothing to say, perfect.
This is going straight to the 'kitchen dream file'. For when I finally redo my kitchen.
Blogging would be a breeze at this impeccable work station Colour introduced by the light covering and window blinds. And the child's dress hanging on the wall- beautiful.
Every good living room must have a rocking sheep....
What a lucky little one to have this room to play, sleep and live in.
A place to peruse the perfect recipe, catch up on the latest gossip magazines or pour over a yummy air freight interior mag. My kind of place!
Want to see more (and you can read more, if you know Swedish) - go to skona hem. (of course it was from skona hem, where else does such brilliance reside??)

Definitely Floating My Boat

Little Bird also stocks the brilliant work of Paper Boat Press. Kylie Johnson of Queensland combines her ceramic work and her poetic talents to create a range of ornament and quote tags and beautiful vessels like the one above. She is an accomplished poet who has published a book through murdoch books.
How fabulous would a fresh pine tree at Christmas look covered in these ceramic ornaments?
These vessels are really special and Kate at Little Bird said she is currently waiting on an order for her store.
These quote tags are currently available at Little Bird for only $5 each, a wonderful little gift for someone special, or could even be used as a gift tag itself.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I seriously heart my Rubie Green Cushions!

You likey? Me lovey!! - Meet my "east village" in raspberry and "megan" Rubie Green fabric cushions made for moi by the fabulous and friendly Amanda at Oliveaux. Thank you so much!! Making themselves at home in my lounge room (excuse my Jane Price painting propped on the couch........again.......effing 3M hooks......)- I thought they would look good on the white sofa........
but I'm thinking they work better on the brown leather couch. Ahhh, the room is still very much a work in progress. What do you think?