Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Night Blues

My view the entire weekend. Literally - because I didn't leave the couch. Jealous? you should be. The beautiful scenery at Walker Flat. I had a fabulous weekend, I hope you did as well. In fact, I don't want the weekend to end, maybe if I don't go to bed I can't wake up tomorrow and it be Monday. Sunday night sucks, only six sleeps to Friday night though, my favourite night of the week. Let the countdown begin. x

I'm going to wet my pants !

THANK YOU to Desire to Inspire for the mention- Little old me?? seriously??? THANK YOU!!! xx

Friday, August 29, 2008

Interior Inspiration for the Weekend x x

Rosie Harrison's Victorian terraced house is delish. And it gets my vote as it has my favourite little wall treat - the Cameroon head dress thingy - cool! Gorgeous entry hall with a myriad of art work hanging. I'm finally starting to hang stuff on my walls and it makes such a difference. This is really gooby - but i love the heater things attached to the wall, so English (and American?) - love 'em. Apparently Rosie 'tissied' up this dresser herself - I have a pine dresser in my bedroom that definitely needs some white paint, pretty knobs and some tassels! Loving the tulip table and chairs Very rustic kitchen..... complete with an oscar the grouch rubbish can - he he! DREAM shower - white subway tiles and a glass door - simple and clean. Not a fan of taking a bath, I'm a shower girl - but its there for when guests stay - and there is one of those cute heater thingys again! Gorgeous little collection of painted tiles sitting on the sink is a colourful touch. And on that note - hope you have a fabulous weekend - I'm off to the river, Walker Flat to be precise. Looking forward to a relaxing, warm, sumptuous and rejuvenating time - wishing the same for you! Back Monday x
oh, and the house? From Living etc - want to see more? go here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

tres tres funny

My friend Pip is the bomb. And therefore it follows that her blog is da bomb also. She has just posted this, and it is vintage Pip. The Pip I remember during biology class while I tried to work out how to get the bunsen burner going and she was drawing cute little 'nits' on everything. If you haven't visited tres dodgeois yet - do it now, I promise you a good time will be had by all!


Miss Ruby is crawling - forwards!!! - so its time to celebrate (code for: "lets shop") - and what better place to virtual shop (because I ain't no god mum money bags) than over at Flora and Henri. Gorgeous clothes and beautiful styling - its drool worthy for those with and without kids. Oh, and apparently there is boy stuff over there as well. Cute, cute!

Wonderful Wallpaper

Having always been a fan of porters paints, I was excited to find these exquisite wallpapers they offer as well. I was going to state my favourite but um, I think they all might be! I love the last one here, dragonfly - that comes complete with a set of stick on pearlescent wings, making your wall paper 3-D. I'm thinking for those with kidlets, maybe don't go 3-D, or put them up beyond chubby arms reach, otherwise them dragonflies are going to get their wings ripped off! - Ok, my favourites are the beetle one and the marigold. There, I chose. x

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I want, I want, I WANT!

My eyes are ALWAYS bigger than my purse. So, I'm getting some kick arse cushions made by the lovely Amanda over at Oliveaux - one in raspberry east village and one in megan. A little extravagant considering I am supposed to be saving for UK next year, but I HAD to have them. But now the fabulous Ms Spiro is flaunting this couch over at ABT that she has just covered in the above mentioned raspberry east village Rubie Green Fabric - and now, I WANT A CHAIR AS WELL!!! Sing with me girls, al la Gwen Stefani "If I was a rich girl, la la la la la la la la la la la"

By the River Thames

This cute riverside cottage caught my eye. To some the decorating may seem a little dated, and that is ok - its from a shoot taken in 2004, but there is something about this mix of French and Swedish style that I think is classic and timeless. \
I think the bedroom is my favourite. Beautiful mirrored wardrobe, the bust and the gorgeous "heart" artwork framed by the window. My kind of bedroom.
Read more here. Images via Homes & Gardens

Couch Crush

Now THIS is my kind of sofa. Upholstery by Quadrille/Alan Campbell in zig zag. Thankfully for my credit card Maison Luxe is in Seattle and I'm in Adelaide, Australia.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Make it Mentionable!

Oh these are good. Real good. Spotted over at, these business card sized beauties called "unmentionables" are to be left for those who give you the total needle, but you don't quite have the courage to tell them so. LOVE THEM. I wonder if you get discount if you buy in bulk? I'm thinking I could do with a few...

Paper Cuts

Lizzie Buckmaster Dove was featured in the April issue of this year's Australian Country Style Magazine (one of my favourite magazines BTW - my sister and I conveniently renew our mother's subscription to the mag every mothers day and I get them after she has finished with them - the gift that keep on giving, all the way back to me...he he). Where was I? Ah yes, Ms Buckmaster Dove. She is the most incredible artist using paper and books to create these beautiful pieces of work.
A librarian's worse nightmare, books taken to with a stanley knife!!! - Beautiful work.
I thought the incidents of paper cuts in my profession was bad enough, something tells me Lizzie has probably had more than her fair share - the things people do for art!
See more of her work over at NG Art Gallery
All images from NG Art Galley

Monday, August 25, 2008

Why I wish I was Princess Mary

I could seriously devote a whole blog as to why I want to be Princess Mary. Today it's because of her Prada Riding Boots. To. Die. For.
photos from babblebaby

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Come on, let me tell just one....

So they came from the North, and they were sooooo cute! Mum would like to think the much planned trip to Monarto Zoo would be remembered as the highlight (or as the 3 year old cousin would tell me later - "I went to tomato zoo"!!! - get it "monarto"....."tomato"..... it really was quite funny, trust me) - but something tells me by the look on his face, that the three year old's favourite part of his trip down south was the wheelbarrow trips round the backyard carefully navigated by my father. Love your work dad. x

Louboutin Lippie!

It may be old fashioned to match your handbag with your shoes, but what about your lipstick with the sole of your shoe? Lancome is about to release a lipstick that replicates the gorgeous underbelly (gross word if you ask me) of the classic Louboutin shoe. Only available at Bloomingdales, and the 5 Lancome boutiques (sorry Aussie ladies) - and only 500 available. Needless to say -I won't be purchasing, but cool idea me thinks! images via zimbio.

Fifi Framed.....Finally!

The most constructive thing I achieved this weekend - framing my Fifi's!!! - Yes, would have loved to pay for it to be done professionally, but I didn't think I did too bad a job. Now I finally have some pretties hanging in my hallway.