Thursday, July 31, 2008

Let's agree to disagree on this one....

The latest from Marc Jacobs. Don't need a heel to look chic? - but you need one to walk properly!!! - and at that price I'd like a heel please, not just a little bit stuck under the ball of my heel that looks like a door stop! I think Marc has been a bit off the mark lately. Jozette at Regardez Moi (one of the best blogs ever BTW!!) pointed out these little fuglies recently. Geez.

Can you smell something?

I have a summer perfume, a winter perfume and a 'going out' perfume. Azuree Soleil is my summer perfume. Why Azuree Soleil? because it smells like summer- coconut, sand, sunscreen, its all there. Even though it is seriously the depths of winter at the moment, I've taken to wearing it now to remind me summer is on its way and I have to keep dragging my lardy arse to the gym to prepare for the sun and bikinis, shorts and skirts that come with it.
Bronze Godess is a new perfume by Estee Lauder and apparently follows along similar lines to Azure Soleil. If I keep at the gym and apply a bit of the old "dove summer glow" I'm hoping that all I'll need is a quick spray of this to complete my 'bronze godess' look for summer....One can only dream.
Didn't help they used the god awful ugly bitch that is Caroline Murphy to advertise the new scent. (please note sarcasm in sentence, I've always been in awe of her!.)
My current winter perfume is Michael by Michael Kors. But I also love Mania by Armani. My "going out" scent? - Armani Code. Favourite perfumes ladies?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Small's Beauties

Pippa Small's story is fascinating. Growing up in a family of artists and wanderers, from a very young age she began to collect beads, glass, bottle tops etc. She lay them in piles around her home before carrying them around in a bag, with her finally stringing them together and wearing them. A strand of items which acted as a diary - a button from a shirt of a loved one, a sea shell from her favourite beach etc. By the time she was a teenager her arms were completely entwined with collections of her life that jangled as she walked.
Pippa's travelling childhood led her to study anthropology and then a MA in medical anthropology. To fund her study she made and sold jewellery. She soon attracted the likes of Gucci and Chloe and created collections for them. She has merged her two passions and has established local craft initiatives in the most amazing places.
I'm ashamed to say as a South Australian I really, really don't like opal - but somehow Pippa makes me want every one one of these opal pieces! She now divides her time equally between her anthropological work and her jewellery. What a life. You can shop for her pieces here. But I hope you have some spare cash laying around, especially once you convert pounds to aussie dollars. Alas, another for the wish list! (oh sugar daddy, sugar daddy - where for art thee??)

Cute Chinese To Takeaway

Used to perfection here via Oliveaux from Michael Devine
Above photos courtesy of Decor8
Photos from Elle Decor - the stools are just peeking into the photos!
silver stools at My Island Home
I must admit, never one to favour Asian influence in interior design I've made an exception with these. Ceramic Chinese stools have caught my eye for sometime now in magazines and on websites. Subtly used in rooms that don't carry an Asian influence at all, they add beautiful shape and often colour to living rooms. I think they would be terribly uncomfortable as an actual stool, but are perfect as a side table. Traditionally in ceramic, I loved the gold and silver ones at My Island Home. Perfect for resting your Chinese takeout on!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favs at Freedom

New Freedom catalogue is out. A few of my favourites below....
Love this bed - very Martha Stewart-esque don't you think? And a lot more affordable. This chair rocks my roundabout - very cool. The 'country' in me loves this ottoman. Very Tracy Kendall.

Smeg Head

These beauties have been on my wish list for a long time. Smeg Fridges and freezers from the United Kingdom are known for their bright colours, retro look and rounded corners. Whilst a fan of the brights, if I was to ever get one, it would probably be in the cream, as below.
The clever cookies at smeg now offer retro look washing machines and dishwashers in these gorgeous candy colours. I'm going to do my kitchen next year (if i don't go overseas, so many things to do, so not enough money to do it all!!) - something tells me if I got a smeg dishwasher it would be worth more than my tiny bit of real estate put together!!
The funny thing is, whenever I see or hear about these uber cool products I think immediately of a UK show called "Red Dwarf" - This sci fi/sit com is a family favourite (actually - my dad's and sisters favourite, mum and I watch if we have to.....) A derogatory terms often used in the show was "smeg head" and to my astonishment when doing a search for "smeg" this wikipedia page came up. So while dad and my sister cack themselves over their DVD box sets of "smegging" Red Dwarf, I'll keep dreaming about my Smeg- a little more refined than theirs (and of course, more expensive) he he x

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gettin' Cushy with Rubie Green

I first came across Rubie Green fabrics in Domino magazine and fell in love. So I had what Emma and I call a "tena lady" moment (ie wet your pants moment) when I read that the beautiful Amanda over at Oliveaux stocked her fabrics! So her and I have been in cahoots last week working out which ones are going to become cushions at my house - yay! Amanda has been fantastic and even sent me a sample of the fabric to me - so much more exciting than the normal mail I get. Now to choose!
I've already picked this as a definite. I love. The tillinghast is going to be right at home on my white slip covered sofa.
East Village in Raspberry
I want another but can't decide between Megan and East Village. I know the raspberry would add colour but the Megan is cute and different. Thoughts? Thanks!

SATC - Which apartment is "You"?

If you are on facebook and a SATC fan, I'm sure you've done the "which SATC character are you"? - and like me you have probably manipulated your answer to get the character you want (me: Carrie) - its pretty easy to work out which answer is applicable to which character. Anyhoo - my last SATC post "livened" things up at Brown Button, I thought it was time for another - probably not as provocative though but we'll see! - Let's go back to the TV series and their interior style. Before Miranda had moved to Brooklyn, Samantha to LA and before Carrie "loved up" her apartment. Which apartment emanates your style best? - I think it is possible to have a 'favourite' style/look that you love but it not be your style. For example, I love Carrie's style but at the end of the day I would probably end up subconscious with an apartment that looks like Charlotte's (when I find my sugar daddy of course) Although at the moment I probably have more of a Carrie/Miranda look. Make sense? Probably not. But I know what I mean! I'd be interested in hearing your style whether it be an eclectic mix of all four or distinctively just one!
all photos from HBO website
Ok. I'm going to try ONE more time to try and explain what I was saying about having a 'favourite' style but it not being your own (bear with me, I'm hopeless with the English language, that is why I spend my day with numbers) - Emma did a fantastic post on bedrooms for her friends. My favourite, honestly, was not my own. It was Pippa's. BUT the one she picked for me was PERFECT. It is totally me. And I loved it. But I favoured Pippa's bedroom style more. Stopping now, this is never going to work. Forget I ever brought it up! x